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IMOS - Forms Data Dictionary

Note: Requires Voyage Reporting.

The Forms Data Dictionary, from the Forms & Vessels workspace, includes all the elements you can use for designing forms.

  • Field ID: Internal identifier created by the Platform.

  • Label: Name that appears on the form.

  • Element: Element category.

  • Type: Data type.

  • IMOS Mapping: For fields that map to the Platform, the field ID.

Adding a Custom Element

To add a new element:

  1. Click 


  2. Complete the fields:

    • Element: Element category; remaining fields depend on the category:

      • Field:

        • Type

          • String: Select Display Type Input Box, Autocomplete, Text Area, or Drop Down.

            • Data Source (for Autocomplete and Drop Down only): Select a data source, or select Custom to create a comma separated list of allowed values.

          • Integer

          • Decimal: Rounds to two decimal places, unless Decimal Places is specified.

          • Date

          • Date Time: Includes a GMT selection list.

          • Boolean

          • Complex Control: Select Complex Type Bunkers ROBUpcoming PortsCargo Handling, or Port Activities.

          • Table: For the fields in the table, select the Embedded in a Table check box and then select the table.

            • Static Table: When selected, a drop-down menu appears of all fields in the table. To determine the number of rows that automatically appear, click a Field ID.
              Example: In the drop-down menu, if you click Engine_Type and there are four possible values for that field, four tables rows automatically appear with the Engine Type column completed.

          • Time Span

          • Port Activity: On the Activity Mapping drop-down menu, select a Port Activity to map to the element. Adding this element type to a form enables you to update Date From, Time, and Remarks for an individual Port Activity (instead of for all activities using the Port Activity control).

        • Required Field

        • Enable Number Formatting (for Integer and Decimal fields only): When this check box is selected and Use Browser's Locale Setting for Number Formatting is selected in Voyage Reporting System Configuration, number formatting respects browser locale settings.

        • Use External Data Source (for Voyage Instructions only): Select to link this element to a Platform field or table:

          1. Select a Root Form:

            • If the form is applicable to Voyages, select Voyage.

            • If the form is applicable to FOB Cargoes, select Cargo.

          2. Search for a field or table name, and then select it.

      • Paragraph: Enter static Text to be displayed on the form. To help you format text, the rich text editor appears.

      • Image: Specify a local or online Image Reference URL

    • Field ID: Automatically generated internal identifier: the Label with spaces replaced by underscores. If that ID already exists, a number is appended.

    • Label: Element label to appear on the form.

    • External Field (for Voyage Instructions only): To embed other Forms Data Dictionary elements in a Boolean field Label or paragraph Text box, do either of the following:

      • In External Field, search for a field and then click 

        . The Field ID appears inside curly brackets.

      • Type a Field ID inside curly brackets. For example, to embed Aft Draft, type {AFTDraft}.

      When you send Voyage Instructions, the latest field values populate.

    • Width (Pixels) (for String, Integer, Decimal, and Time Span fields and paragraphs only)

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