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On the Voyage Manager, the Voyage Invoice List and panel display all the existing and potential invoices for this voyage. It is like a combination of the Transaction Summary, Create Voyage Invoices, Create Bunker Invoices, Edit Invoices, Approve Invoices, and Post Invoices lists from Financials.

Even if you do not have the Module Rights to perform the various actions on the list, you can see the status of each invoice as well as the amount outstanding, amount paid, and due date. With appropriate rights, you can view, create, review, approve, post, and assign tax codes for invoices.

Voyage Invoice List Panel

To open or close the panel, click


  • To view an existing invoice, click its card.

  • To create an invoice, click + or click a card with Status Uninvoiced.

Voyage Invoice List

To expand the Voyage Invoice List panel into a list, click


  • To view an existing invoice, click its row or click its link in the Type column.

  • To create a potential invoice, click its Create Invoice link.

  • To approve, post, or reject and invoice, click its Review link.

  • To return to the Voyage Invoice List panel, click


Approving, Posting, or Rejecting Invoices

To approve, post, or reject invoices, you must have Module Rights Approve an InvoicePost an Invoice, or Reject an Invoice. Approving, posting, and rejecting invoices can be limited to particular invoice types with configuration flags.

In the top right corner of the invoice viewer, click one of the following:

  • : Enter a Comment, if required.

  • : Enter a Comment, if required. The Transaction Data Entry form or Journal Entry form opens, so you can post immediately.

  • : Enter a Comment that tells the reason for the rejection.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Voyage Bunker Check When Posting

Warnings are issued when a user tries to post bunker costs for an incomplete voyage, when unbound bunker invoices exist, or when bunkers have been received in the voyage but not invoiced.

Operations Require Payment Terms

When enabled, the Payment Terms field is required on all operations invoices. On the Laytime Calculation Claim tab, the Payment Terms field is not required until an Invoice Number is generated.

Operations Enable Cycle Payments

If an operations invoice has a Payment Terms field, you can set up Cycle Payment, which calculates up to four Due Dates per month.

To set up Cycle Payment, do the following:

  1. Edit configuration flag CFGOpsEnableCyclePayments: Replace the Value with no more than four monthly Cycle Payment days, separated by commas. For example, enter 1,15 if payments are made on the first and fifteenth day of every month.

    • Days past 31 will be ignored.

    • If 2930, or 31 is entered, months with fewer days will use the last day of the month.

  2. On the Payment Terms form, a Cycle Pmt column appears. To enable Cycle Payment for a Code, select the Cycle Pmt checkbox in its row.
    When an operations invoice uses a Payment Term with Cycle Payment enabled, Due Date = Period Basis + Period (rounded up to the next Cycle Payment day).

Use Voyage P&L Based Invoices List

When enabled, the Invoices list in the Voyage Manager will use Voyage P&L calculations to list all actual and projected invoices. This configuration flag is best used together with the CFGCacheVoyPnl and CFGAutoPnlSnapshot configuration flags found in the Voyage P&L Snapshot Manager which allows you to automatically save changes to voyage-related financials.

By enabling CFGUseVoyagePnlBasedInvoicesList, CFGCacheVoyPnl and CFGAutoPnlSnapshot, the P&L snapshot stays up to date and provides you with more accurate results.

When CFGUseVoyagePnlBasedInvoicesList is enabled, use the Snapshot Date column in the VM Invoices list and global Create Voyage Invoices lists to see the “current” snapshot date the list is using.

Enable Bunker Invoice Lumpsum Fields


Enables display of lumpsum fields for barging costs and other costs in the Bunker Invoice form, augmenting the rate fields so these costs can be entered independently of invoice quantity.

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