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The General Operations Module Right must be selected in Security. Access to other forms and actions also require specific Module Rights. Your configuration might differ from the information shown.

Operations managers use the Operations module to manage day-to-day operations, from fleet and vessel scheduling to voyage management and monitoring. They can quickly access schedules and voyage details, evaluate choices, and make more informed decisions in a constantly changing environment.

Operations managers can create the Freight Invoices and other types of invoices related to the voyage and might also be responsible for demurrage and laytime calculations. If so, they have a link to the Laytime Calculation form in the Operations module center.

Operations is a core module with quick links to the following:

It also provides access to forms related to:

To access an Operations workspace, on the main

 or secondary 
 menu, click its link.

Introduction to Operations Video


The following pages describe concepts used in the Operations module:

For more information, see the Glossary.


You can do any of the following in the Operations module:

For industry-specific operations workflows, see BargingLNG, and Pooling module documentation.

Other Sources of Information

This document includes information about most of the items from the Operations module center. Some of the Operations items are described elsewhere:

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 These Key Topics have high-value information for all users:

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