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This is an additional solution and requires a separate license.

The Berth Scheduling module streamlines the berth scheduling process, offering users a simple, visual workspace from which to manage all berth and vessel data – helping to optimize berth management, improve user workflow, and enhance data accuracy and tracking.

It is intended for:

  • Berth Schedulers, Dock Operators, Berth Managers, or anyone responsible for maintaining the vessel or barge traffic flow at a berth.

  • Marine Planners, Business Planners, Charterers, or anyone who is impacted by the activities that are happening at a berth, either through their voyage or their commodity movement.

Berth Scheduling includes:


  1. Complete Berth Scheduling setup, including defining Berth Mgmt Activity Details Rules.

  2. Create Cargo Bookings and VC In Bookings.

  3. Schedule voyages from bookings.

  4. In the Berth Schedule:

    1. Allocate bookings.

    2. Adjust estimated Port Activities.

    3. Actualize Port Activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Berth Scheduling Require an additional license and/or expense for a client?

Yes; access to the Berth Scheduling module must be purchased in order for the license to be enabled on your Company’s license list. Please contact Veson Nautical for more information.

Are there any specific configuration or system requirements that are needed to make Berth Scheduling work?

Yes; there are some very essential Master Data items that need to be set and used for Berth Scheduling to work properly:

  • Berths need to be defined at the Port level.

  • Berth Cargo Compatibility should be populated if there are restrictions on the product type that can be loaded/discharged at a given port.

  • Bookings are required as the Berth Schedule is broken down into Unallocated and Allocated Bookings.

  • Specific Port Activities are required to be configured and mapped to the Activity Types required to actualize a port.

  • Berth Management Activity Default rules need to be configured to properly capture the estimated times at a berth, based on cargo/berths/port.

For more information, see IMOS - Setup - Berth Scheduling.

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