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IMOS - Setup - Berth Scheduling

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Requires the Berth Scheduling module. This information is for Veson IMOS Platform administrators only.

For Berth Scheduling to work properly, the following must be set up:

Configuration Flags

In the Configuration Flag List, you must enable the following configuration flags:



Enable Cargo Booking

Enables Cargo Bookings, which appear in the Berth Schedule broken down into Unallocated and Allocated Bookings.

Enable VC In Booking

Enables VC In Bookings, which appear in the Berth Schedule broken down into Unallocated and Allocated Bookings.

Enable Berth Mgmt Activities

When enabled, additional port activity-linked columns are available in the Berth Management form, for use with the Berth Schedule. Users can enter estimated times for Inspection, Purging, hose Connection, Pumping, hose Disconnection, and Extra Hours. When actual Port Activities are entered for these items, the estimated times will be overwritten with the actual times.

The Berth ETA automatically updates to reflect any changes to the Port ETA.

Optional configuration flags are described in the Related Configuration Flags expanding section at the bottom of this page.


To access Berth Scheduling, you must have the following Module Rights selected at the group or user level:

  • Chartering > Cargo:

    • Multiple Cargo Booking

    • Multiple VC In Booking

  • Operations > Quick Links > Berth Schedule

  • Data Center > Ports and Areas:

    • Berth Management Activity List

    • Berth Management Activity

If a user has access rights to the Berth Schedule but does not have the Object Rights to a specific company, vessel, or vessel type that is associated with a parcel, the user cannot modify the parcel and sensitive information is concealed.


In the Ports workspace:

Port Activities

In the Data Center, the following Port Activities must be configured and mapped to the Activity Types (Act Type) required to actualize a port:


Act Type

Inspection Start


Inspection End


Purging Start


Purging End


Connection Start


Connection End


Disconnect Start


Disconnect End


Pumping is automatically estimated in Berth Management from CP terms. Actual time will continue to come from an OS/OE activity pair.

Berth Mgmt Activity Default Rules

Berth Mgmt Activity Default Rules must be configured to properly capture the estimated times at a berth, based on cargo/berths/port. Estimated times appear on the Berth Management form and can later be adjusted and actualized from the Berth Schedule.

Related Configuration Flags



Allow ETD Update from Berth Management

When enabled, if the arrival/departure dates set on a berth in Berth Management occur after the ETD for the port, instead of a validation error being raised, the ETD for the port will be updated.

Enable Ports Grid in Booking

When enabled, a grid is added to the Booking form to display the port ETAs and ETDs from the port calls and voyages that are tied to the Booking. These fields will only populate when there is a voyage and they cannot be edited. Only ports that appear in the Cargo grid will appear here, so transshipment ports will not be displayed.

Create Booking from Voyage

When enabled, the Create New Voyage form has a new option under Create From for Voyage Booking. When selected, upon saving the voyage, a new Booking will be created and linked to the voyage, with its properties initialized basis the entered voyage data. Both CFGEnableCargoBooking and CFGEnableVCInBooking must be enabled for this feature.

Product Code Link

When set, transforms the Product Code field in the Multiple Cargo Booking and Multiple VC In Booking forms to a hyperlink that will take the user to the URL provided. Within the URL, {ProductCode} may be used to pass in the product code to the URL, for example:{ProductCode}

Link Port Activities to Berth Stays

When enabled, port activities are linked to specific berth stays. Requires CFGEnableVoyageBerthOrdering to be enabled in order to take effect.

Enable Voyage Berth Ordering

When enabled, voyage berths will be assigned a persistent identifier within a port call that will not be impacted by berth reordering.

Enable Berth Cargo Compatibility

When enabled, a Berth Cargo Compatibility grid is shown on the Port form.

Enable Vessel Compatibility

When enabled, a Berth Vessel Compatibility grid is shown on the Port form.

Group Commingled Cargo Port Activities

When this flag is enabled, Port Activities with the Cargo and/or Berth check box selected on the Port Activities form will be grouped into one line for multiple cargoes in the same commingle group. Requires CFGDuplicateActivitiesForCargoesAndBerths to be enabled in order to take effect.

Duplicate Activities for Cargoes and Berths

When this flag is enabled, those Port Activities that are flagged with the Cargo and/or Berth check box in the Port Activities form and assigned to a template will duplicate for the number of cargoes/berths that have activities at that Port.

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