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IMOS - Berth Management

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For a port call, the Berth Management form enables you to create a berth rotation with or without cargo operations.

On the Voyage Manager Itinerary, right-click a port that is not Commencing, Terminating, or Passing and then click Berth Management.

Creating a Berth Rotation

  1. In the berth rotation grid at the top, for each berth call, add a row and then enter a Berth as well as Arrival and Departure dates.

  2. To edit the berth rotation, do any of the following:

    • Right-click a berth call and then click Insert, Delete, Move Up, or Move Down.

    • Edit the Ord No. (Order Number) column and then click 


    • If you have Onboard, vessel masters can also submit updates to the berth itinerary.

  3. In the cargo handling grid at the bottom, any Cargoes entered on the Voyage Manager Cargoes grid appear.

    • Berth: You can select any of the berths entered in the berth rotation grid.

      • If you delete a row from the berth rotation grid, the Berth column clears in its associated cargo handling row.

    • Move Selected To: You can select one or more cargo handling rows to move to a different M port.

    • To reorder cargo handling lines, either:

      • Edit the cargo Sequence and then click 


      • Edit the berth Order and then click


  4. Click 

    ; the berths appear in the Voyage Manager Itinerary.

Cargo and Vessel Compatibility

Note: Configuration flags CFGEnableBerthCargoCompatibility and CFGEnableVesselCompatibility must be enabled.

On the Port form, Berth Cargo Compatibility and Berth Vessel Compatibility grids define compatible cargoes and vessels for each berth.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Berth Mgmt Activities

When enabled, additional port activity-linked columns are available in the Berth Management form, for use with the Berth Schedule. Users can enter estimated times for Inspection, Purging, hose Connection, Pumping, hose Disconnection, and Extra Hours. When actual Port Activities are entered for these items, the estimated times will be overwritten with the actual times.

The Berth ETA automatically updates to reflect any changes to the Port ETA.

Enable Berth Cargo Compatibility

When enabled, a Berth Cargo Compatibility grid is shown on the Port form.

Enable Vessel Compatibility

When enabled, a Berth Vessel Compatibility grid is shown on the Port form.

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