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Requires the Voyage Reporting module.

Depending on your view, the Itinerary card panel shows the full voyage itinerary (in voyage details) or the current port (in port call details).


To view the Berth Itinerary for a port call, click its card and then click View Berths.

Port Status Color Coding

Color Coding

Port Status





Port Function Icons


Port Function





Berth Itinerary

To access the Berth Itinerary for a port call, in the Itinerary card panel, click its card and then click View Berths.

Berth Function Icons

  •  Load

  •  Discharge

Adjusting the Berth Itinerary

You can adjust the Berth Itinerary for current or upcoming port calls as long as your vessel has not already called the Berth in question.

  1. Do any of the following:

    • Add: Search for a berth and then click it.

    • Change sequence: Drag and drop a berth or cargo in the itinerary.

    • Delete: Hover over a berth card and then click X.

  2. Click Submit Changes and then click the refresh button at the top right. Berth Itinerary changes appear on the Berth Management and Cargo Handling forms.

To return to the Itinerary card panel, click <<.

To submit a Berth Itinerary update, configuration flag CFGEnableVoyageBerthOrdering must be enabled and the Berth Itinerary Form needs to be imported and added to the Form Group.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Voyage Berth Ordering

When enabled, voyage berths will be assigned a persistent identifier within a port call that will not be impacted by berth reordering.

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