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IMOS - New Laytime Calculation Setup

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The Laytime Calculation is created from the New Laytime Calculation Setup form. For chemical tankers, see Booking-Based Laytime Calculation Setup.

  1. To set up a Laytime Calculation, use one of these methods:
    • In the Voyage Manager, click Laytime ▼ and then click Laytime Calculation.
    • On the Operations menu 
      , under Freight/Demurrage, click Laytime Calculator. Enter the Vessel and Voyage.
      Charterer or Owner:

      Receiver or Supplier:
  2. On the New Laytime Calculation Setup form, check that the following values are entered, or enter them. Any existing demurrage calculations for this voyage appear in the table at the bottom.
    • Vessel: Select from a list of all vessels: active vessels, deactivated vessels, and if a vessel name has changed, its old name appears here as well.
    • Voyage: When an FOBV voyage is selected, the cargo handlings of all FOB Cargoes appear.
    • AP/AR (Receiver or Supplier): Select whether to consider the demurrage or despatch as AP or AR.
    • Counterparty TypeThe selected type appears on the left side of the form. If there is only one counterparty of that type, it is selected. All cargo handling lines for a Charterer, discharges for a Receiver, or loads for a Supplier are selected by default.
    • Method: Deduction or Time Counting
    • Reversible Selected Ports: To create a Reversible Laytime Calculation, select this check box.
  3. In the Counterparty and Port/Cargo tables, all options are selected. To exclude an option from the calculation, clear its check box.
    Note: In the Port/Cargo table, the configurable Barges column displays only those barges associated with the individual cargo (as established in the BL Info tab of the voyage itinerary). Additionally, in the Laytime Calculation, for any activity line to which more than one barge applies, the complete list of barges is listed in the Remarks column.
  4. Select any additional options and click OK. The Laytime Calculation opens.

*Previously created Claims will be listed below the New Laytime Calculation.

  • Note: The "Amount USD" value in the claims section will read 0.00 until an Agreed Demurrage or Agreed Despatch value is established in the Laytime Calculation for the claim.

Related Configuration Flags
Enable Cargo Itinerary Supplier Receiver

On the Cargo/VC In Itinerary/Options tab and Cargo/VC In Booking form, adds a Supplier/Rcvr column where you can specify the supplier or receiver for each cargo handling. This information can be used to create supplier and receiver Laytime Calculations.

Enable Manual Vessel Name Complete

When enabled, on the Voyage Manager and New Laytime Calculation Setup forms, the Vessel field will only autocomplete when the user presses Enter.

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