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IMOS - Demurrage

๐Ÿ”‘  This is a Key Topic, with high value for all users. See the Key Information below.

The Veson IMOS Platform handles demurrage and despatch and demurrage contract terms. The Laytime Calculator works with the activities recorded in the voyage, across multiple ports and cargoes, whether or not laytime is reversible. Port Activities must be coded for laytime so the Laytime Calculator knows how time counts toward demurrage.

Demurrage Workflow Types

Two different types of demurrage workflow are supported. Depending on your configuration, you can access the Laytime Calculator and demurrage-related options using one of these methods:

  • Demurrage Specialists, who work in a Demurrage Department, handle only demurrage and coordinate the work between Operations, Demurrage, and Chartering, and have additional tools available from the Operations menu 


  • Operators who are responsible for handling demurrage can access the Laytime Calculator from the Operations menu 

     or from the Voyage Manager.

๐Ÿ”‘  Key Information: Steps for Demurrage

  1. When a cargo handling operation is completed, invoices with Status Uninvoiced appear in the Voyage Invoices panel and list. To begin creating a calculation, click an invoice card or row.

  2. Set up the calculation using the New Laytime Calculation Setup form.

  3. Enter activities and calculate using the Laytime Calculation.

  4. Depending on the calculation:

    • If no demurrage is due, set the Status to No Demurrage.

    • If demurrage is due, after negotiations, set the Status to Settled and enter the Settled Amount.  When the Invoice Status on the Laytime Calculation Claim tab is Actual, IMOS handles the invoicing.


You can calculate if demurrage is due as soon as an operation is completed:

  • If laytime is not reversible after each cargo is loaded or discharged

  • If laytime is reversible after the last cargo is discharged


You might not do a calculation until you receive a Demurrage Claim from the Owner. However, if you have the opportunity to rebill suppliers or receivers at each port, you can create a calculation for each and evaluate it.

FOB/Delivered Cargo

If you are billed for demurrage for FOB/delivered cargo, you can complete FOB/Delivered Cargo information as the basis for the demurrage calculation and claim. If you have the opportunity to rebill suppliers or receivers, you can use the same Port Activities for the rebill calculations.

Related Configuration Flags


Enables Estimated Demurrage.

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