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IMOS - Booking-Based Laytime Calculation Setup

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Configuration flag CFGLaytimeCalculator enables the Booking-Based Laytime Calculator for chemical tankers; enter laytime_c.exe as the value for the flag. Otherwise, see New Laytime Calculation Setup.

  1. To set up a Laytime Calculation, use one of these methods:

  2. On the Laytime Calculation Setup form, select one or more Booking Numbers. The VesselVoyage, and Counterparty columns populate automatically.

    • To include or exclude all Bookings in the calculation, select or clear the check box in the table heading.

    • To include or exclude an individual Booking in the calculation, select or clear the check box in its row.

  3. You can also do the following if necessary:

    • To include transit port times in the Laytime Calculation, select Include Transit Ports.

    • The Include Transshipment Bookings check box is selected by default; if you do not want them included, clear the check box.

  4. Click OK. The Laytime Calculation form opens.

Note: With booking-based laytime calculation, you cannot change calculated amounts after the invoices have been created. To update any reversed invoices, delete them and then raise a new invoice.

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