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This is an additional solution and requires a separate license. Your configuration might differ from the information shown.

The Pooling module offers an integrated solution for pool operators to effectively manage their pools. The focus of the Pooling module provides pool operators with tools to calculate vessel and voyage contributions to a pool, perform Pooling Distribution calculation, book actual Pooling Cash Distributions, share voyage results with partners, and access reports detailing the historic performance of a pool.

The foundation of the Pooling module is a pool contribution system based on Vessel Points assignment and real-time linking to actual Voyage P&L data from the Operations module. Vessels can be added to and removed from the pool without any restrictions, and, through the linking with the Operations module, all Off Hire is taken into consideration.

Pooling Workflow

The tasks involved in Pooling are:

  1. Set up Pooling.

  2. Perform monthly Pooling Distribution and review owner Payment Details or book Pooling Cash Distribution.

  3. View Pooling reports: Pooling Summary and Pooling Year Comparison.

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