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IMOS - Pooling Summary

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  • Pooling distribution can only be calculated for a single period, not over time because each month has a unique distribution of earnings. As a result, when the Pooling Summary report is run over multiple periods, it shows a summation of these periods instead of a recalculated overall.
  • Enabling configuration flag CFGUsePostedInPooling will use stored voyage closing P&L snapshots for calculations, thus improving the performance of this report.

The Pooling Summary report is a pooling distribution summary for every vessel in one or more pools during a period.

You can choose between two times for reporting. The calculation is based on Off Hire; the reason for choosing one of the options is when Off Hire is recognized. Pooling needs to put Off Hire where it applies to ensure profit is allocated fairly.

To run the Pooling Summary report:

  1. On the Operations menu 
    , under Pooling, click Pooling Summary.
  2. Select the pooling type and time:
    • Pooling Over Period: This type lets you specify arbitrary dates, and having a longer period smooths out your exposure. If you select this type, enter Date From and To.
      Note: Calculating via Period the method may produce different results from the Monthly method, as values are often rounded before the calculation of fields such as Income After Pooling
    • Monthly Pooling: If you select this type, enter From Year/Month and To Year/Month.
  3. Select the Pools to include.
  4. Click Report.
  5. Click report.pdf to download a PDF file of the report.

    • Pool Days: The total on-hire days within the reporting period.
    • Pool Points: Points assigned to each vessel from the Pool Assignment form.
    • Income Before Pooling: The Income BP over the reporting period.
    • Income After Pooling: The Income AP over the reporting period.
      For details about how Income BP and Income AP are calculated, see Pooling Distribution Calculation Details.
    • Pool Adjustment: The difference between the Income AP and Income BP.
    • Net Daily Before: Daily net income before pooling over the reporting period, calculated as Income Before Pooling divided by Pool Days.
    • Net Daily After: Daily net income after pooling over the reporting period, calculated as Income After Pooling divided by Pool Days.
    • Net Daily Plan: The net daily planned earning from the Pool Assignment form.
    • Off-Hire Days: Total off-hire days over the reporting period.
    • Gross Income: The voyage’s total revenue from the voyage P&L.
    • Admin Income Before: The Admin Income BP over the reporting period.
    • Admin Income AfterThe Admin Income AP over the reporting period.
    • Participant: Participant over the reporting period.
  6. Select the report's “Distribute Admin Income” checkbox to see the related values.
  7. You can use browser commands to download or print the report.

Related Configuration Flags
Use Posted in Pooling

The Pooling results are calculated from the latest Accrual snapshot instead of the Actual P&L. The Pooling Distribution form issues a warning detailing all the relevant voyages that do not have Monthly Accruals run.

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