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IMOS - Pool Assignment

On the Pool Assignment form, assign vessels to Pools and allocate points to them. The Pooling Assignment page behaves as the input page of the parameters (Pool points, entry date, etc.) for calculating the pooling distribution. Hence, pooling distribution will follow the distribution formula to give the result for each row you enter in the Pooling Assignment page.

  1. On the Operations menu 
    , under Pooling, click Pool Assignment.
  2. To filter the pool assignments, select a value for any of the following. Without filtering, all pool assignments appear.
    1. Pool
    2. Date From and/or Date To
  3. To add a new vessel to a pool, scroll to the bottom of the list, click to add a new row, and then complete at least the PoolVessel Name, CodeVessel Points, and Pool Entry Date fields.

Related Configuration Flags

Enables setting multiple Commission rates for different Pool Vessels and adds Mgt Fee % and Mgt Fee/Day columns to the Pools and Pool Assignment forms.


Handles Pooling Premium Distribution. Premium vessels get special allocations of the profit to the Premium pool, in addition to their share of the profits; the Pooling Distribution calculation takes care of it. For example, a charterer might be charged an Ice Premium for ice-classed vessels, which are specially designed to be able to travel in Arctic waters.

Up to five types of premium can be defined, and a vessel can participate in more than one type.

Adds a PRM Category to the Operations Ledger for defining Premium types. Adds a Premium column to the Pool Assignment form, from which the Premium type can be selected.

For each voyage in the pool, the Operations Ledger code can be selected and a Premium amount entered on the Profit Share form.

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