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IMOS - Pooling Distribution

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This pooling distribution workflow is based on the most commonly used and recommended configuration, using configuration flag CFGUsePostedInPooling. Pooling results are calculated from the latest Accrual Snapshot, rather than the posted P&L.

When the voyage results are in for a distribution period (typically one month), the Pooling Distribution form can calculate the earnings and losses of the pool in the distribution period and distribute them to each vessel owner. This is done by taking a monthly accrual snapshot to capture the static state of the voyage results. This snapshot is created when the Monthly Accruals form creates the accrual adjustment journals. When the monthly accrual journal is posted, all the voyage profits and losses of the month go to your general ledger accounts; running the pooling distribution basis the same snapshot guarantees that the same voyage profits and losses are distributed to the pool partners. For more details about how the numbers are calculated, see Pooling Distribution Calculation Details.

Note: If there are unexpected results in the voyages, and the Monthly Accruals form is used a subsequent time, the Pooling Distribution must also be re-created basis the updated Accrual Snapshot.

Pooling Distribution Workflow

To run Pooling Distribution:

  1. Make sure that Monthly Accruals have been run for all vessels in the pool.

  2. On the Operations menu 

    , under Pooling, click Pooling Distribution.

    Note: The form title is Pooling Distribution (New) if the distribution does not yet exist and is calculated. It changes to Pooling Distribution (Existing) if the distribution is previously saved and loaded in the form.

  3. Enter the PoolYear, and Month.

    • In the Pooling Information section, the Pooling Distribution Calculation Details appear:

      • Income BP (Before Pooling) and Income AP (After Pooling)

      • Admin BP (Before Pooling and Admin AP (After Pooling)

      • Mgt Fee (Management Fee)

    • In the Pooling Result Distribution section, each line item contains the distribution details for one particular Participant.

    • To view the calculation itemized details for each distribution, right-click a line and then click View Payment Details.

    • To change the distribution period, which will change the distribution amount, click 

      Delete to clear any unsaved records of payment amounts generated for the pool payment. After clearing the distribution, close the form. If you want to run Pooling Distribution for a new period, reopen the form.

  4. To create distribution invoices, click 

     to save the Pooling Distribution results. Invoice Status defaults to A, which means that the invoice is ready for approval/posting.

Pooling Distribution Reporting

On the Pooling Distribution form, to run reports, do any of the following:

  • Click Statement: The Monthly Pooling Statement is a statement of all the distributed items within the period to each owner, broken down by vessel owner.

  • Click Report ▼ and then click one of the following:

    • Summary: The Pooling Summary is a yearly report, broken down by month. It shows what the monthly distributed and paid amounts are for each vessel owner.

    • Distribution Analysis: The Pool Distribution Analysis Report is an itemized, detailed report about the distribution. It includes the current month distribution as well as previous month adjustments if there are any.
      Note: Double counting of the Pooling Distribution can be caused when you enter the same vessel into a pooling period multiple times. The pooling payment is not designed to be run concurrently by multiple users for the same pool. To mitigate this issue, designate a user or role for running the distribution.

Related Configuration Flags



Use Posted in Pooling

The Pooling results are calculated from the latest Accrual snapshot, instead of the Actual P&L, and the Pooling Distribution form issues a warning detailing all the relevant voyages that do not have Monthly Accruals run.

Itemize Billdet by Vessel

Creates Pool Payment detail lines associated with each vessel, rather than just grouped by owner. This should always be enabled.

Mirror Invoice as Unposted

When enabled, auto-created mirror transactions will not be posted by default.

Pool Management Fee Use Income BP

Calculates Pooling Management Fee based on gross income before pooling instead of income after pooling. This flag takes precedence over CFGDistributePoolComm.

CFGPoolMgtFeeUseIncomeBP = Y
CFGPoolMgtFeeUseIncomeBP = N
CFGDistributePoolComm = YMgt Fee = Gross Income BP * Mgt Fee %
Gross Income BP = sum of freight, demurrage, despatch, and TCI/TCO hire after deduction of commissions
  • Mgt Fee = Mgt Fee Weight * Gross Income
  • Mgt Fee Weight = Mgt Fee Contribution/Sum (Mgt Fee Contribution)
  • Mgt Fee Contribution = Pool Days * Mgt Fee %
  • Pool Days = Days * Points
CFGDistributePoolComm = NMgt Fee = Gross Income BP * Mgt Fee %
Gross Income BP = sum of freight, demurrage, despatch, and TCI/TCO hire after deduction of commissions
Mgt Fee = Income AP * Mgt Fee %

Distribute Pool Comm

When enabled, the pool management fee is calculated as a percentage of gross revenues and distributed in the same way as the pool result. When disabled, the pool management fee is calculated as a percentage of the vessel's net income after pooling.

Use Itemized Commission Rate

Enables setting multiple Commission rates for different Pool Vessels and adds Mgt Fee % and Mgt Fee/Day columns to the Pools and Pool Assignment forms.

Pool Use Default P&L Calc Options

When enabled, the default P&L calculation options are used when calculating pool distributions.

Pool Calc Options Effective Date

When set, only voyages that complete on or after the date will use the default P&L calculation options (provided CFGPoolUseDefaultPnlCalcOptions is also enabled).

Configuring Invoices

In Pooling, invoices can be configured to meet your business needs.

To change the descriptions of the distribution items:
Pool Result Distrib Desc

The default description of result distribution lines in the pooling distribution invoices.

Pool Management Fee Desc

The default description of management fee distribution lines in the pooling distribution invoices.

To set the amount of time to go back when calculating adjustments for Pooling distributions:
Pool Adjustment Year
Specifies the number of previous years for which Pooling Adjustments should be calculated. If the value is -1 (default), the number of adjustments calculated is defined by CFGPoolAdjMonth. If CFGPoolAdjMonth is also set, CFGPoolAdjYear takes precedence.
Pool Adjustment Month
Specifies the number of monthly adjustments to calculate if the value of CFGPoolAdjYear is -1. If CFGPoolAdjYear is also set, it takes precedence.
To control the level of details in Pooling Distribution invoices:
Pool Invoice Break Out Periods

Controls the level of detail in Pooling Distribution invoices:

  • 0 = No breakdown
  • 1 = Breakdown by month (default)
  • 2 = Breakdown by month for the current year and by year for the previous years

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