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IMOS - Intercompany Pooling Distribution Transactions

For an intercompany transaction, pooling distribution payable transactions can be mirrored to create receivable transactions.

Configuration and Setup

Follow these steps:

  1. Enable configuration flag CFGEnableMultiRoleOnAddressBook.
  2. Configure both the Pooling Company and the Pooling Participant as both type O (Owner) and type W (Company) in the Address Book.
  3. Add the following Business Rules:

    PLARPOOLPPool Payment
    PLARADJSTPool Adjustment
    PLARADJCMPool Commissions Adjustment
  4. In the Pooling Result Distribution line item, select the I (Intercompany) check box. If the Pooling Participant is marked as internal in the Address Book, the check box should be automatically selected.

Mirroring Pooling Distribution

Post the pooling distribution payable invoice. A mirrored pooling distribution receivable transaction is created with the same invoice details, except that the Company is the Counterparty and the Pool Participant is the Company. The mirrored transaction is created in Ready for Approval status and needs to be approved and posted.

To open the Bill Viewer from the Transaction Data Entry form, above the Invoice Details grid, to the right, click the Mirror Trans No. link.

When one of the mirrored invoices is reversed, the other is reversed as well.

Related Configuration Flags

Enables Intercompany Security, which enables you to establish which of your internal companies can transact with each other. Invoices or journal entries constituting transactions between internal companies not authorized per the setup on the Intercompany Security form cannot be posted.

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