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IMOS - Voyage Bunker Report

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The Voyage Bunker Report provides a list overview of voyages within the given parameters and a detailed look at the bunkers on board.

The report includes detailed bunker invoices' summary for the voyages that fall within the date range and Trade Area, with a breakdown per bunker type. It includes relevant port, voyage, and invoice information.

  • In the setup form, the From and To dates are the dates from the Activity Reports that fall on or before the From/To filters specified.

  • Opening Inventory and Closing Inventory are as per the ROB on these activity reports:

    • Opening Inventory: For voyages that commence before the report start date, opening inventory is calculated by deducting bunker consumption prior to the report start date (determined from activity reports) from the voyage's initial inventory. The activity reports considered are the ones with date/times until midnight GMT of the report start date. If a voyage commences after the start date of the report, opening inventory for that voyage is the same as the initial inventory from the voyage.

    • Closing Inventory = Opening Inventory + Bunkers Received − Bunkers Consumed

  • Bunkers Received displays any received bunkers in the period between the Activity Reports.

  • Bunkers Consumed = Opening Inventory + Bunkers Received − Closing Inventory
    Note: For TC Out voyages, a portion of the consumption can be on the Charterer's account.

    • Consumption information from Activity Reports in the report's period: If the report start date or end date falls between two Activity Reports, the consumption reported between those Activity Reports will be linearly prorated based on the amount of time covered by the report.

Note: The figures in the report reflect the financial and not physical valuation.

Running the Report

To run the Voyage Bunker Report:

  1. On the Operations secondary menu, under Performance Reporting, click Voyage Bunker Summary. The Voyage Bunker Report setup form appears.

  2. When setting the parameters for this report, note the following:

    • Any voyage that has overlap into the set period should display with its vessel's bunker values.

    • If there are no port activities entered for the period defined in this report, the voyage will not appear in this list.

  3. Click the Report toolbar button. The report appears.

  4. You can either:

    • Export it as an Excel or PDF document.

    • Email it as an attachment or in the body of the email.

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