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IMOS - Managing a Voyage

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

To manage a voyage, in the Voyage Manager, do the following:

Step Number


Key Information: About Voyage Status


  • Validation symbol: If information is not complete and correct, click the symbol to see a message describing any issues.

    • : All information is complete.

    • : Some information is missing.

    • : The form contains one or more errors.


To save the voyage, click 


By default, the voyage Status is Scheduled.


When the voyage begins, change the voyage Status from Scheduled to Commenced.

When the voyage Status is changed from Scheduled to Commenced, the Status for the first port changes to Sailed.


As you continue through each port, right-click the port line and click Port Activities to enter Port Activities for the voyage. The Itinerary updates with any changes.


When you are traveling between ports, right-click the port line and click Activity Reports to track information in the Activity Reports.


To enter Port Advances or Expenses, right-click the port line and click Port Expenses. As you enter financial information, it appears on the P&L tab.


To enter Voyage Other Revenues and Expenses not associated with a port or with freight, click Other Rev/Exp and then click Other revenues and expenses.


When the Start Sea Passage Port Activity is entered for the last port, the port Status changes to TE (Terminated).

The voyage Status also changes to Completed. Port, bunker, cargo, and financial data can still be modified.


After all voyage transactions are completed, change the Status to Closed.

After the voyage Status is changed to Closed, the voyage cannot be modified.

For industry-specific voyage management workflows, see BargingLNG, and Pooling module documentation.

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