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IMOS - Ledger Expense Setup

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

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The Ledger Expense Setup form is used to set up Expense Codes to define different types of expenses under an Operations Ledger Code.

To open this form, do one of the following:

  • On the Operations menu 

    , under Port/Other Costs, click Ledger Expense Setup.

  • On a Port Advance/DA, click Ledger Expense Setup.

The Operations Ledger Codes are set up in the Data Center, under Other.

  • Exp Type = Expense Type of the Ledger Code

    Exp TypeDescription


    Port Expense


    Cargo Expense


    Supplemental Contract Expense


    Rebillable Expense






    Other Voyage Expenses


    Recoverable Expense


    Advance Rebillable Expense




    By Description:

    • The Code column in the Business Rules for these items must be of the format REVENUE_Operations Ledger Code or EXPENSES_Operations Ledger Code.
    • On Other Revenues/Expenses invoices, the amounts appear in voyage P&L Operations view in a category right under the root of Revenues or Expenses, with the Description as the category name.
    • On other types of invoices, it behaves as a code without a specific Exp Type.


    Port Revenue

  • C = Payment Terms Class, the basis for calculating standard expenses:

    Payment Terms ClassDescription
    CPer Call
    DPer Day
    FPer Freight Unit
    GPer Vessel Gross Register Tonnage

    Per metric ton loaded or discharged for each cargo handling in the port

    H cannot be used if the port function is I (canal) or P (passing).

    LPer Vessel LOA
    MPer Metric Ton of cargo on board
    NNot Actively Used
    SPer Vessel Summer DWT
    TPer Vessel Net Register Ton
    UUnit Factor from the Vessel form Details tab
    Expected time of the vessel in the canal multiplied by the draft of the vessel

    When updating ledger code ensure to save the ledger expense setup of the specified ledger code. Saving the changes will update the ledger expense setup.

How to add a new expense code:

  1. Select the relevant ledger code.

  2. Add a new row and enter description of the new expense.

  3. Save the changes. This will automatically create the expense code.  

How to remove an existing expense code:

  • If the expense code has not been used in any voyage's PDA/FDA form, simply right-click on the expense description and click Delete. 

  • Otherwise, tick the checkbox 'Inactive'. 

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