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IMOS - Port Advance/DA

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On the Port Advance/DA form, you can create the following records:

To view an existing Port Advance/DA, do one of the following:

  • On the Port Advance/DA List, click its row, or click its Adv Inv No. or Final Inv No. link.

  • On the Port Expenses Summary, right-click an expense line and then click View Expenses Details.

To create a new Port Advance/DA, do one of the following:

  • On the Port Advance/DA List, click +.

  • On the Port Expenses Summary, click + and then click New Advance/DA.

  • On the Operations menu 

    , under Port/Other Costs, click Port Advance/DA.

Note: Make sure that the Port Advance, Final Disbursement, and Additional Payment Requests use the same currency (e.g., EUR). Otherwise, you may see an error message: "Amount [number] and Base Equiv [number] are different when currency is [currency]."

Port Advance/DA List

The Port Advance/DA List contains all Port Advances/DAs that you have the right to view. 

On the Operations menu 

, under Port/Other Costs, next to Port Advance/DA, click List.

Port Advance DA List in the Veson IMOS Platform

Port Advance/DA List - Details View

To access the Details View, select a row on the Port Advance/DA List, making sure not to select any blue text.

Importing Port Advances

The port advances submitted by agents need to follow the right order of submission, first Port Disbursement Advance (PDA) and then Final Port Disbursement (FDA), in order to be linked successfully in the Veson IMOS Platform. The FDA form uses the Advance Inv No. field, which helps to identify the port advance number that was submitted earlier.

Related Configuration Flags



Advance Payment Percent

Set a percentage of the PDA as the default Actual Advance Payment in the Port Advance/DA form. This also applies to PDAs imported through autopexp.exe, unless a different value is entered in the imported XML for <advancePaid>.

Autopexp Invoice No Field

When importing invoices, the Invoice Number will be mapped from the tag name specified, for example <invoiceNo1> or <invoiceNo> (the default).

Save Port Expense


When saving a port disbursement, include minus advance amount in details. (Value cannot be $0)

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