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IMOS - Port Expenses Summary

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From the Port Expenses Summary, you can create a Proforma DA (PDA) or Port Expense.

In the Voyage Manager, right-click a port in the Itinerary and then click Port Expenses.

  • To create a PDA or Port Expense, click + and then click New Advance/DA or New Expense.

  • To open an existing PDA or Port Expense, right-click its line item and then click View Expense Details.
    Note: If you are not seeing an active Vendor as an available option in the Vendor drop-down menu when creating a new expense, ensure the Types field includes type A for Agent within the Address Book entry for the vendor.

  • Use estimate cost in P&L: Select this check box to show estimated port expenses in the P&L when they are higher than actual expenses. If the actual expenses are higher than the estimated, the actual amount is displayed in the P&L.

Related Configuration Flags



Default Port Expense to Provisional

  • Selects the Use estimate cost in P&L check box by default for all newly created voyages.

  • Estimated port expenses in the Voyage Manager will be Provisional by default.

Enable Standards

Hides the Port Expense field on some forms, enables standards for expenses, and adds a Port Expenses Details form and a Port Expenses Details button on the Port Expenses Summary to open it. When detail-level port expenses are being used, the PortExp column in the Voyage Itinerary behaves the same as the PortExp column in the Estimate itinerary:

  • For a port with no detail-level port expenses, you can edit its PortExp amount in the Voyage Itinerary Cargo Tab. The voyage P&L shows this amount as estimated expenses for that port.

  • For a port with a single detail-level expense, that amount appears and can be edited in the voyage itinerary PortExp field. An estimated expense entered before creating the detail-level expense is no longer displayed in the voyage P&L.

  • For a port with multiple detail-level expenses, the itinerary PortExp field shows the sum of the detail-level expenses for that port and cannot be edited.

  • When CFGVoyageExpenseAllocation is set to Y, a Voyage Expense Allocation section will be added to the Voyage Estimate Profit & Loss Report, and optionally to the Voyage Profit & Loss Report.

On the Port Expenses Summary form, the options to create a New Advance/DA or New Expense will not appear.

An ECA Factor field also appears on COA, Cargo/VC In, and CP Terms Details forms. When ECAFactor is used in an IMOS ECA Recovery Charge Results/Fee expression and an ECA Factor value is entered on a contract, an ECA Recovery Charge Extra Freight Term is generated on that contract.

  • When a COA is created from an Estimate, ECA Factor is copied from CP Terms to the COA.

  • When a COA Lifting is created, ECA Factor is copied from the COA to the Cargo.

  • When a cargo is scheduled, ECA Factor is copied from the cargo to the back-created Estimate.

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