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This form already includes standard terms.

The Extra Freight Terms represent cargo-related extra revenues/expenses to be included in the Freight Invoice. These terms can be applied to a particular cargo and are calculated based on a lumpsum, a percentage, or a rate. You can add Extra Freight Terms to the Cargo, COA, and CP Terms Details forms.

On the Data Center menu 

, under Charter Party Terms, click Extra Freight Terms.

The second letter of the Extra Freight Term Code represents the Type:

  • L = Lumpsum

  • P = Percentage

  • R = Rate

Extra Freight Terms include the following:

  • 0L through 9L0P through 9P, and 0R through 9R: Ten user-defined sets of Extra Lumpsum, Extra Percentage, and Extra Rate terms

  • BLBP, and BR: Bunker Surcharge Lumpsum, Bunker Surcharge Percentage, and Bunker Surcharge Rate, per metric ton; a way for a vessel owner to cover an increase in bunker prices between the time the voyage is created and the time it takes place

  • D1D2, and D3: Extra Discharge Rates (These rates are applied conditionally; they allow you to record the price in the contract if a. there are multiple discharge ports, and b. the discharge is split between multiple ports.)

  • DLDP, and DR: Deadfreight Lumpsum, Deadfreight Percentage of World Scale Level, and Deadfreight Rate; for cargo loaded below the specified amount

  • EF: Extra Freight Lumpsum

  • L1L2, and L3: Extra Loading Rate

  • OLOP, and OR: Overage Lumpsum, Overage Percentage of World Scale Level, and Overage Rate; for additional cargo or overage

  • PD and RD: Port Differential and River Differential Lumpsums

  • S1S2, and S3: Extra Loading Lumpsums

  • T1T2, and T3: Extra Discharge Lumpsums

  • TR: Trucking Costs per metric ton

  • XD: Lightering Overtime Rate

  • XO: OPA Percent

  • XP, XR, and XL: Extra freight terms that are driven by a linked freight surcharge table. (These rates should not be manually added to a contract by a user and cannot be present on a contract that is not linked to a freight surcharge table.)

Linking to Bill Codes

Entering a Bill Code can link specific Extra Freight Terms to specific accounts. Bill Code pulls its values from the Business Rules form in the Financials module.

Extra Freight Terms mapped to a recoverable Bill Code are excluded from the Voyage P&L.

Inactivating Extra Freight Terms

Extra Freight Terms with the Inactive check box selected cannot be added to a contract.

If an inactive Extra Freight Term is still populating on freight invoices, check if the Extra Freight Term is attached to the associated contract on the Pricing tab. If the term was previously added to a contract and saved, the inactive setting will not take effect on already entered data; however, the term cannot be added to contracts after the Extra Freight Term is inactivated.

Applying Lumpsum Extra Freight to a Booking

For lumpsum extra freight only, select On Booking to apply once per booking.

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Enable Shuttle Freight Invoicing

Enables the Shuttle Tanker Workflow and master data forms necessary for freight invoicing of time and bunkers for both the actual voyage and theoretical return legs, most commonly used by shuttle tankers.

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