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On the Port Advance/DA form, you can record a Proforma DA (PDA) when you receive the advance invoice.

  • As with any other details view, you can navigate to a different record by clicking its card or return to the list by clicking its Name.
  • To share a Port Advance/DA, copy the URL and then share it with any signed-in users in your organization.

Creating a PDA

To create a PDA:

  1. When opened from a voyage, the voyage information appears on the Advance/Disbursement tab. Otherwise, select the VesselVoyage NumberPort, and Agent Short name.
  2. Before you can enter costs, you must enter the Advance Invoice Number and the Advance Sent date.
  3. If the Advance Currency is different from the Disbursement Currency, a Disbursement Currency/Advance Currency Rate field displays the Exchange Rate found by dividing the Disbursement Currency Exchange Rate on the Advance Sent date by the Advance Currency Exchange Rate on the Advance Sent date. This value will help in calculating the Diff In Currency column and the Due to Agent field, in the Disbursement Currency. (The Disbursement Currency field is disabled until the Disbursement Sent date is entered.)
  4. In the table below, in the Est In Currency column, enter the estimated costs, in the local currency of the agent. The amounts in the Diff in Currency and Totals fields change, based on the estimated amounts entered.
    • The list of expense descriptions in the Advance/Disbursement tab is pulled from the Ledger Expense Setup.   
  5. Enter the PDA Amount above.
  6. Change the PDA Status to A - Actual and then click 
    ; an invoice is generated and appears in Financials.

Accessing Invoices

To access an invoice, click Report and then click PDA InvoiceFDA Invoice, or SDAx Invoice (where x = the SDA number).

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