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IMOS - Details View - Card Panels

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When you click a row or link in a list, the workspace displays the details of the record, and the current list view appears as one or more card panels.

Details View

Details of the current record appear in the center of the workspace. For example, the details in the Voyages workspace would be the Voyage Manager.


On some workspaces, such as the Voyage Manager, breadcrumbs appear above the details. To return to a previous location, click its link. To return to the list, click the List Name or >>.

Tutorial: Switching between List and Details Views

Note: This tutorial is a GIF, which plays on a loop and does not include any audio narration. To restart the tutorial, refresh this page. To expand the tutorial, click it.

Card Panels

Card panels help you to navigate through records; each card represents one or a group of records (for example, one vessel or a group of the same type of vessels).

Depending on the current list view, the card panel displays groups or individual cards.

  • To expand a group, click

    . To collapse it, click

  • To view the details of an individual card, click it.

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