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IMOS - Task List

🔑  This is a Key Topic, with high value for all users.

Note: You must have the Task List Module Right selected, under Quick Links in Operations.

On the Task List, you can see all Tasks. For a personal list, with only Tasks assigned to you, create a user view.

  • On the main menu 

    , under Operations, next to Tasks, click List.

  • In the Operations quick links, click Tasks.

  • You can sort this list to show only your voyages and vessels and use it as your daily task list, creating your own View.

  • Date-time columns can display either GMT or system local time. Right-click the column heading of Due DateBasis Date, or Start Date and then click Display GMT or Display System Local Time.

  • Custom Tasks created from the Task & Alert Rule Set List, from a Voyage Template, or from the Task List appear in this list, along with formula-generated Tasks.

  • Only formula-generated Tasks can be assigned to a specific voyage; it is not possible to create a Task from this list and assign it to a voyage.

Typical Workflow

A typical workflow is:

  1. Client-specific (formula-generated) Tasks are created and implemented. Such Tasks are automatically generated per voyage, according to agreed parameters.

  2. The Operations manager monitors Task statuses on the Task List, follows up on system-generated Tasks, creates new ad hoc important Tasks, and assigns them to responsible operators.

  3. Operators maintain Tasks assigned from the Task List or the Voyage Manager in their user views.

Creating a New Task

To create a new Task, do one of the following:

  • On the main menu

    , under Operations, click Task.

  • On the Task List, click


Use Statuses to maintain your overview of open Tasks.

Note: Tasks created directly in this list will not connect to a Voyage (e.g. The Voyage No. column in the list will remain blank). To connect a Task to a Voyage, users must create the task directly in the Tasks and Alerts panel of a Voyage.

Updating Task Status

Use check boxes to select one or more rows and then click CompleteMark In Progress, or Cancel at the top of the list.

You can also update Task Statuses from the Tasks and Alerts panel.

Related Configuration Flags



Operations Tasks Completed Status List

Specifies which statuses are considered Completed for Operations Tasks:

  • Data Value Range: N (Not Started), P (In Progress), F (Completed), C (Cancelled).

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