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IMOS - Interface Message List

NoteThe Messaging Service is available with an interface license, and the documentation is available in PDF form to clients who have purchased the license.

The Interface Message List provides a central viewing point to see incoming and outgoing Veson IMOS Platform file traffic. The most common messages are invoices or financial transactions to an external accounting system. You can view incoming and outgoing interface messages and resend them if needed.

  • On the main menu
    , under Data Center, click Interface Messages.
  • In the Data Center quick links, click

As with any other list, you can search, select, adjust, pin, filter, group, and sort columns, reset to the default view, save user views, and export.


  • If a message type is set up but has no actions associated with it, the Status is marked as Successful even though it wasn't sent. A message has to explicitly fail for it to be marked as Failed.
  • If messages are stuck in 'Pending' status and the matter does not self-resolve, please reach out to Veson Nautical Support through the Veson Nautical Help Center and a support analyst will be able to assist. This is an indicator that the messaging service is attempting to process more messages than it can handle, and can usually be fixed by a messaging service restart.
  • If messages are in 'Failed' status, this issue can be fixed by checking the empty boxes on the left side of each failed message then clicking the "Re-send" hyperlink at the top of the list.
  • Messages re-sent in bulk are re-applied to IMOS in the order in which they are rendered in the list
  • If you would like to have members of your organization received alerts when a message has failed in the Interface Message List, please reach out to Veson Nautical Support through the Veson Nautical Help Center and a support analyst will be able to assist.
  • As with other lists on the Veson IMOS Platform, if there are more than 10,000 records, a preview of the list appears to minimize the load time
  • The Interface Message List retains messages up to 180 days in the past. This is to to ensure an optimal experience for all IMOS clients as the contents of the interface message list include verbose diagnostic information that can affect performance.
  • Users may notice that some Target Message Types enabled in the Messaging Service Configuration may be missing from the Interface Message List. Check the value field of the notificationsIncludeList configuration flag in Data Center > Settings and add any missing Target Message Types. Additional Note: This flag only controls outbound messages generated by IMOS.

How to check status of the invoice message?

Find a transaction number and use a Reference No. field in the filter to find the invoice. The status will show whether the message was processed successfully or failed. By clicking View button on successful message, the Log should say "finished with exit code 0". If failed, check the Log for error description in order to correct the data and resend the message.

Related Configuration Flags

Specify message types not to archive in the Interface Message List. Processing failures will still be logged. This flag can be used to skip pubsubnotify message types that are frequent and cause the Interface Message List to load slowly.


When enabled, the Messaging Service generates acknowledgement messages for certain types of incoming messages. This is supported for the following message types: Nomination, invoiceImport, and bunkerRequirementImport.

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