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This is an additional solution and requires a separate license. You must have the General Trading Module Right selected. Access to other forms and actions also requires specific Module Rights. Your configuration might differ from the information shown.

The Trading & Risk module provides Trading desk functionality to record and settle Paper Trades. It also provides marine trade organizations a comprehensive view of physical and derivative contracts and net exposure, to support better trading decisions. With Trading & Risk, you can:

  • Monitor and manage risk across Vessel Type, Contract type, Trade Area, and Counterparty.

  • Quickly evaluate your exposure to market fluctuations and the impact of new deals on the position and profitability of your Trade Book.

  • Better aggregate contracts in your portfolio and match them to trades for hedging purposes.

Shipping risk managers can use Trading & Risk for portfolio management and risk hedging for both freight and bunkers. Freight and freight derivative traders can use it in trading for profit.

People who work at a Trading desk or are part of a Portfolio or Risk Management team use the Trading & Risk module to manage physical freight commitments, Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs), and options in one integrated system. The Portfolio Management team looks at the values of all trades and uses the Veson IMOS Platform to compare what was committed to the cost, to determine if the company is making or losing money. For companies that subscribe, market information comes daily in from the Baltic Exchange as an XML feed.

The Trading & Risk module enables you to:

  • Enter into Paper Trades. These can be automatically marked-to-market using Market Data feeds and can be invoiced and settled within the system.

  • Manage your positions from both Physical and Paper Trades. You can view the overall position of your portfolio to identify risk and take appropriate steps to mitigate it.

  • Mark to Market your positions, showing you the value of your trades, and create reports.

To access a Trading & Risk workspace, on the main 

 or secondary 
 menu, click its link.


The following pages describe concepts used in the Trading & Risk module:

For more information, see the Glossary.

Steps for Using Trading & Risk

These are the general steps for using Trading & Risk:

  1. Set up the data you will use in Trading & Risk.

  2. Enter the information about your FFA/Option, Bunker Swap/Option, Commodity/OptionCargoVC In, and TC trades.

  3. Use the Trading P&L Summary, Trade Details list, and Trading Reports to view and analyze your portfolio.

  4. After confirming trades and settling them, you can create Trade Settlements and Trade Commission Settlements in the Financials module.

Other Workflows

You can do any of the following using the Trading & Risk module:

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