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IMOS - Physical Positions

The Chartering module manages physical positions. The physical contract types are:

The following rules determine which monthly period exposure will show for each contract type:

  • Cargo: Cargo and VC In contracts show their entire position under a single month.

    • The period is bucketed under the month of the Laycan From Date with the following exceptions:

      • If you have entered a date in the Exposure Basis Month field on the Exposure tab of the Cargo form, the exposure is bucketed under this month.

      • If the Laycan From Date is in the past, the exposure will be bucketed into the current month. The same will happen if the Exposure Basis Month is set to a past date.

  • TC: The length of the TC will first be split into TCTC Min/Max, and TC Options if these exist.

    • If a TC has a custom duration without a Min/Max, then the length of the TC between Est Delivery Date and Est Redelivery Date will be split into the different monthly periods that it spans.

    • If a TC has a Min/Max duration, then the duration between Est Delivery Date and Est Redelivery Date basis the Min duration will be under the TC Contract type. The duration between the Min redelivery date and the Max redelivery date will be under the TC Min/Max contract type.

    • If the TC has Lifting Options, the duration of these will be in separate lines as the TC Option Contract Type.

The following rules determine when a contract leaves exposure:


  • A portion of the TC equal to the size of the voyage leaves exposure when a voyage has been scheduled on that TC.

  • For a TCTO voyage, the portion of the TC contract that leaves exposure is determined when Out of exposure is selected in the Contracts on TCTO Voyage field on the Trading Profile form.

Cargo or VC In:

  • A Cargo or VC In contract leaves exposure when it is scheduled on a voyage. The Net P&L will then be the Voyage P&L, prorated by quantity if there are multiple cargoes on the voyage.

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