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IMOS - Trade Details List

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

Each line in the Trade Details list represents one month in a trade because paper trades are settled on a monthly basis; when viewing a Quarterly Period, one trade is represented by three lines.

To access the Trade Details list, do one of the following:

Working with the Trade Details List

The following trades appear on the Trade Details list, depending on contract status. To view the details of a trade, click its row:

On the Trade Details list, you can switch between two views, each with a different set of columns.

  •  Grid
     view: One line appears for each contract for each trading month within the filtered period. Each trade is broken down to the most granular level, so if the TC contract has multiple hire rates in one month, a line appears for each period within that month.
    • The line includes information on the TC and Bunker exposure and combines all elements related to bunkers. The bunker-related information could include information on different fuel types and unpriced elements (such as BAF's) without showing the breakdown between these.
    • As with any other list, you can search, select, filter, group, and sort columns, reset to the default view, save user views, and export.
  •  Drilldown 
    view: Each contract is broken down into the following categories and subtypes to show the different elements that make up the TC and Bunker exposure:
    • TC: Freight elements of physical contracts being benchmarked against TC routes
    • VC: Freight elements of physical contracts being benchmarked against VC routes
    • Bunker: Bunker elements of physical contracts
      • One line per Fuel Type
      • BAF
    • Paper:
      • FFA for Freight derivatives
      • Bunker for Bunker derivatives

In either view:

  • Yellow lines highlight missing Market Data.
  • The Start Date and End Date refer to the contract segment in the selected time period.
  • Negative numbers for volumes indicate selling.
  • Days = Turnover Route divided by estimated deviation.

On the Cargo form, on the Pricing tab, the Rate appears; on the Exposure tab, exposure settings can be selected. The last available data appears on the Market Data Summary.

Note: Rate and market rate are calculated in the system as Gross. To display Net rate, enable CFGEnableTradingNetPnlFields which makes the following available for selection in the Trading P&L Summary and Trade Details List: Net Contract Rate, Net Market Rate, Net P&L Less Commissions and Parent Contract ID.


The Parameters panel is open by default. To close it, click 

; to open it, click 

Calculation Options

Select settings to apply to the Trade Details list.

  • From and To: Select the beginning and ending dates for data to include.
  • Snapshot: Select Current for the most up-to-date data, or retrieve a Snapshot from the past two months.
  • Profile: Select a Profile to determine the Exposure settings and configurations.

Note: If the Trade Details List is not retrieving data from before the From date, try using the Current snapshot option as opposed to a Dated snapshot

Filter Options

Select filters to view the data you want to see in the Trade Details list.

  • Show: Show All trades or only Exposed trades.
  • Contract: Select a contract type.
  • Vessel Type: Select a Vessel Type.
  • Trading Filter: Select a Trading Filter.

Note: In reporting, we show "Short" for selling and "Long" for Buying, regardless of the subtleties of the Put Option.

Related Configuration Flags

Enable Bunker Basis Exposure

When enabled, the system tracks a new element in the bunker exposure calculations to show the basis risk associated with physical contracts in the Trading & Risk Module. This basis risk will be calculated using the port details from the physical contracts and voyages and the basis curve pricing that will feed into the system separately.

When enabled along with the Include TC Bunker ROB Exposure trading profile flag, the system tracks a new element to the bunker exposure calculations to show the basis risk associated with TC Bunker ROB Exposures.

Enable Trading Net P&L Fields

When enabled:

  • Net Contract Rate, Net Market Rate, Net P&L Less Commissions, and Parent Contract ID fields are added to the Trading P&L Summary and Trade Details list.
  • A Ttl Comm. column appears on the Trade Route form, in which you can manually capture market commission percentage to be used for the Net Market Rate calculation on the Trade Details list.
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