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IMOS - Owner's Commissions

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Owner's Commission Summary

On the Owner's Commission Summary form, you can create payments for Owner's Commission for Time Charter In contracts with Owner's Comm. (%) and Owner's Comm. Pay To specified.

On the Operations menu 

, under Time Charter In, click Owner's Commissions.

When you select a Vessel from the selection list, any existing payments appear.

Owner's Commission Payment

The Owner's Commission Payment form shows all the relevant voyages and the commission payment applied to each of them.

  1. On the Owner's Commission Summary, select a Vessel and then do one of the following:
    • To create a new Owner's Commission Payment, click 
    • To view an existing payment, right-click it and then click View Payment.

    Any existing payments appear.
  2. Complete the remaining fields on the form as appropriate.

    • To post the payment, a new Business Rule must be added for OWCM:OWCOM.

Related Configuration Flags
Use Posted in Pooling

The Pooling results are calculated from the latest Accrual snapshot, instead of the Actual P&L, and the Pooling Distribution form issues a warning detailing all the relevant voyages that don't have Monthly Accruals run.

Pool Comm by Account

When enabled, Pooling Management Fee and owner's commission calculation will be based on the amount in the accounts with Mgt selected in the Chart of Accounts.

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