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IMOS - Bunker Alert List

NoteConfiguration flag CFGDisplayBunkerAlerts must be enabled, and the Bunker Alert List Module Right must be selected in Security.

Bunker Alerts notify you of new or changed Bunker RequirementsThe list only appears if there are alerts that have not yet been accepted by a Bunker Manager.

Generating Bunker Alerts

To generate a Bunker Alert to appear on the list, a user must have either the Edit Operator's Fields on Bunker Requirement or Edit Bunker Manager's Fields on Bunker Requirement Module Right selected (not both), under Actions in Operations.

An alert appears whenever a user creates, modifies, or cancels a Bunker Requirement.

The alert does not appear on the list if:

  • The modification happens after clicking the Accept Alert button in the Bunker Requirement.
  • All the Bunker Purchases linked to the Requirement are in status Invoiced.

Managing Bunker Alerts

To manage alerts in the Bunker Alert List:

  1. On the Operations menu
    , under Bunkers, click Bunker Alert List.
  2. To remove an alert from the list, open the Bunker Requirement and do one of the following:
    • To accept a new Bunker Alert, click Accept Alert. You are recorded as the Bunker Manager for the Bunker Requirement; you can assign another user as the Bunker Manager.
    • To work with an alert that you have already accepted, edit the Bunker Requirement and save it.

Related Configuration Flags
Display Bunker Alerts

Enables the Bunker Alert List. The list shows all recently created bunker requests not assigned to a Bunker Manager.

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