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Due to a change in Microsoft’s Direct Reseller program, Veson Nautical is no longer able to provide PowerBI Pro licenses to clients as part of the Veson IMOS Platform.

Veson will continue to support integration with PowerBI, and no functionality will be affected. However, any existing PowerBI Pro licenses provisioned on your behalf by Veson will cease to auto-renew after December 31, 2021. Licenses that are up for auto-renewal before December 31, 2021 will renew automatically for their full term as normal, but then will cease to automatically renew at the end of that term.

For more information, please visit our Microsoft Power BI License FAQ.

In Settings, your Microsoft Power BI account must be authorized to connect with the Veson IMOS Platform. To edit or delete a dashboard, you must have the Edit Power BI Reports Module Right selected, under Actions in Analytics.

The Dashboards workspace contains all Microsoft Power BI reports, such as Performance Dashboards, that you have the right to view. With appropriate rights, you can add, edit, delete, and share dashboards.

About Microsoft Power BI

To learn how to use Power BI, see the complete Power BI Documentation. Key topics include the following:

Connecting your Power BI and IMOS accounts

If you have Dashboards permission, you can connect your Power BI account to your IMOS account in the "My Profile" panel.

Dashboards List

To access the Dashboards list, in the Analytics quick links, click


Viewing a Dashboard

To view a dashboard, click its row on the Dashboards list.

  • To navigate to a different dashboard, click its card.

  • To return to the list, click the Dashboards heading.

Adding a New Dashboard

To add a new dashboard:

  1. Create a Power BI report and then copy its URL.

  2. On the Dashboards list, click 

     at the top right.

  3. Enter a Title.

  4. Paste the Url.

  5. Click Create.

Editing a Dashboard

To edit a dashboard, do one of the following:

  • Open it and then click 

     at the top right. A new Power BI browser tab opens.

  • To edit its TitleDescription, and Url only, on the Dashboards list, click its Edit link.

Deleting a Dashboard

To delete a dashboard, on the Dashboards list, click its Delete link.

Sharing a Dashboard

To share a dashboard, open it, copy its URL, and then share the URL with any signed-in users in your organization.

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