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IMOS - Settings

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The information on this page is for Veson IMOS Platform (IMOS) Administrators only.

From the Settings workspace, administrators can apply configuration flags, set up a company profile, configure Inbox, and manage Microsoft Power BI and/or DA-Desk integration.

Do one of the following:

  • On the main menu 

    , under Data Center, click Settings.

  • In the Data Center quick links, click


By default, the Configuration Flag List appears. To access Settings, click 

 at the top right.


To edit your company Profile:

  1. Complete the information.

    • Address and Primary Contact information is available to all users in the Veson IMOS Platform. It will appear in search results and be sent with any invitations to connect.

    • Company Info is managed by Veson Nautical.

  2. You can add a logo:

    1. Under Logo, click the outlined area.

    2. Select a file.

Veslink Site Info

Veslink Site Information is managed by Veson Nautical.

  • To enable the rules-based Tasks and Alerts, your Site Key must be entered in IMOS.
    Note: You must have the Set Up Site Key, and Veslink URL Module Right selected under Setup in Veslink.

  • Administrator users can set a default Locale for the company. All users who have not selected their own locale will see numeric and date formatting following the selected locale.


  • Power BI: To connect Dashboards to your Microsoft Power BI account, click Click Here to Authorize and then sign in.

DA Desk

If you have a DA-Desk interface, do the following:

  • Enter the Principal ID.

  • Select a DA Desk Server. If you are unsure which option to select, contact Veson Nautical Support.

    • When Production is selected, all communication is directed to, and all invoices will be retrieved from the DA-Desk Production server.

    • When Test is selected, all communication is directed to, and all invoices will be retrieved from the DA-Desk CUAT server.

  • Select a DA-Desk Invoice Number tag name:

    • InvoiceNumber (default)

    • InvoiceNo1

    When importing invoices, the Invoice Number will be mapped from the tag name specified.

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