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IMOS - Vendor Statement Summary

Note: You must have the Vendor Statement Summary Module Right selected, under Quick Links in Financials.

On the Vendor Statement Summary, you can select an account from the list to view its transactions.

Do one of the following:

  • On the main menu 
    , under Financials, click Vendor Statement.
  • In Financials quick links, click 

As with any other list, you can search, select, adjust, pin, filter, group, and sort columns, reset to the default view, save user views, and export.

Account Details

To view the transactions associated with a specific account, on the Vendor Statement list, click its row.

As with any other details view, you can navigate to a different record by clicking its card or return to the list by clicking its Name.

For invoices that are bound to more than one voyage/vessel, each invoice appears with corresponding details in different rows.

To view a transaction, click its row or Trans No link.

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