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IMOS - Document Numbers

The Source Code from the Business Rules form is used with sequential numbering to create the invoice number for invoices.

Configuration flag CFGEnableDocumentNumbers enables Document Number functionality for setting up a custom invoice numbering scheme. The appropriate Document Number series is selected based on the type of invoice along with Company Code and/or Counterparty.

Setting Up Document Numbers

On the Financials menu 

, under Setup, click Document Numbers.

  1. Enter the Reference Year, which is used to populate the @YEAR variable. To populate each year correctly, a new set of Document Numbers must be created for each year in use. 

  2. For each Code, enter at least the Doc No. From and Doc No. To, and any other relevant information.

    • To associate an invoice number series with a specific counterparty, enter the Counterparty Short Name. Type shows the company type for the counterparty.

You can specify any of the following as the beginning of the document numbers:

  • @COMP (for example, @COMP000000 to @COMP999999): To have document numbers begin with the Company Code.

  • @YEAR (for example, @YEAR000000 to @YEAR999999): To have document numbers begin with the invoice date year.

  • @REFCODE (for example, @REFCODE000000 to @REFCODE999999): To have document numbers begin with the company's Address Book Reference Code.

  • @SOURCE (for example, @SOURCE0000000 to @SOURCE9999999): To have document numbers begin with the Source from the Business Rules form.

To generate an invoice number from the appropriate series, the Document Number series is chosen based on fields in the invoice, using the following sequence. Row order has no effect.

  • Matching Company Code and Counterparty

  • Matching Company Code and blank Counterparty

  • Matching Counterparty and blank Company Code

  • Blank Company Code and Counterparty

When the invoice is saved, the invoice number appears.

The <docNo> tag in the release .XML for payables populates based on this range specified on Document Numbers.

For more information on invoice numbering, visit the article IMOS - Invoice Numbering .

Please note, initial setup will require Veson support to enable the Document Numbers module right on your behalf as this is only configurable by Veson.  Further, document numbers must be saved at the beginning of every new year to take effect.

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