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IMOS - Fuel/Lube Types

On the Fuel/Lube Types form, you can specify the fuel, lubricant, and oil types used on the VesselTowBoatBarge, Fuel Zones, and other forms.

In the Data Center

, under Vessels, click Fuel/Lube Types.

Additional notes beyond the field help:

  • G: Low sulfur Fuel/Lube Types (marked L in this column) appear on the Fuel Zones form, where estimated/projected low sulfur consumption can be specified for different ECA Fuel Zones.
  • Group: For more information on fuel Groups, see CP Consumption for Grouped Fuels.
  • If a fuel's CO2 Factor is  1.0000 or emptythe CO2 (MT) column in the Voyage EstimateSpeed Comparison Analysis, and Voyage Manager will not calculate and will appear light red.
  • To disable Backup Fuel types, select the Disable Backup Fuels check box on the Bunker Planning and Voyage Bunkers forms.
  • If only one fuel type has an IGS consumption rate specified for a vessel, this type is always used for IGS consumption in the Voyage Estimate/Voyage Manager, regardless of the Misc. Consumption settings on the Fuel Zones form.

CP Consumption for Grouped Fuels

On this form, you can group High and Low Sulfur fuel types to be consumed for the same purpose. Having two fuel types (HS and LS) in the same group means that the vessel cannot burn both fuel types at the same time.

The example above shows two fuel Groups defined. IFO and LSF belong to one group; LSG and MGO belong to another group. Therefore, IFO cannot be consumed by the vessel at the same time as LSF is consumed. The same applies for LSG and MGO.

Related Configuration Flags for Fairplay vessel import

With a Fairplay Vessel Data Integration, these flags act as a mapping between Fairplay Distillate and Residual Fuel Types and IMOS Fuel Types. Each configuration flag accepts a 3-letter code matching an IMOS Fuel Type Code. Restart IMOS before importing vessels from Fairplay.

  • The vessel's In Port Consumption table will populate lines for the mapped fuel types.
  • Fuel Type capacities will be imported from Fairplay and mapped according to the configuration.
  • Fuel Type Unit and High/Low Sulfur setting will be populated according to Fuel Type setting.
  • In Port Consumptions will default to 0.
  • IMOS will not default any speed consumptions.
Fairplay Distillate Fuel Type

The IMOS Fuel Type Code for Fairplay's Distillate Fuel type; requires a valid license. CFGAllowFairplaySearch, CFGFairplayUsername, CFGFairplayPassword, and CFGFairplayResidualFuelType must also be enabled.

Fairplay Residual Fuel Type

The IMOS Fuel Type Code for Fairplay's Residual Fuel type; requires a valid license. CFGAllowFairplaySearch, CFGFairplayUsername, CFGFairplayPassword, and CFGFairplayDistillateFuelType must also be enabled.

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