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IMOS - Accounts Payable/Receivable

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

The Accounts Payable/Receivable Report is a built-in Financials report. The output of built-in reports has been formatted by Veson Nautical. These reports only work if you are posting Veson IMOS Platform invoices to the financial ledger. If your company does not post transactions, you will be unable to use these reports. If you want to create a custom report, use the Report Designer.

This report includes a summary of all account payables/receivables with an outstanding balance. It also includes information on the invoice aging: the number of days the outstanding amount is overdue. For example, 0-30, 30-60, etc.

Report Options

Field NameMandatory/OptionalDescriptionUse When?
Major CompanyMandatory

A Type W company from the Address Book; this field will determine which transactions are included in the report. Transactions related to all sub-companies of this major company will also be included in the report. 

Address CategoryOptionalThe Address Types of the counterparties you want to include, for example, Charterers and Owners or only Agents.When you want to filter for specific counterparty types.
VendorsOptionalA selection list of specific counterparties to include.When you want to filter for a specific counterparty, especially when that counterparty may span multiple address types (e.g., a counterparty is both a Charterer and Owner, or possibly a Miscellaneous and Port Agent).
Date From and Date ToMandatoryThe Date range for the transactions to include based on the transaction Accounting Date.When you want to run reports against specific time periods.
Account TypeMandatoryThe transaction type (AP or AR) for the invoices. Note that each Veson IMOS Platform transaction has a hard-coded transaction type.When you want to only see outstanding AR or AP separately.
Account(s)Optional, but recommendedThe AP/AR ledger account codes to reference.When you have many different AP/AR codes and only want to report on a subset.
Invoice LevelOptional
  • Not Selected: Report totals all invoices per vendor.
  • Selected: Report breaks out vendors into one invoice per line item.
When you want to see Vendor Totals or individual invoices.
Aging AnalysisOptional

Select to include Aging Buckets and total the amount per bucket.

When you want to have invoice aging based on your preconfigured aging buckets.

Calc Due DateOptional
  • Not Selected: Report displays Invoice Due Date based on static date from Transaction Data Entry.
  • Selected: Report displays Due Date based on Payment Terms recalculation.
When you are actively using dynamic Payment Terms and the most accurate Aging Analysis.
Outstanding OnlyOptional
  • Not Selected: Report shows total AP/AR by counterparty.
  • Selected: Report shows total outstanding AP/AR by counterparty.
When you want a collection report rather than a counterparty statement.
For ApprovalOptionalSelect to include transactions for approval.
ReminderOptionalSelect to include a reminder.
Adv Payments/ReceiptsOptional

Select to include as part of the balance any Advance Payments or Receipts posted against the selected Vendors against the selected AP and AR accounts. Balances are also provided for the Advance Payments and Receipts separate from the total balance.

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