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IMOS - Receivables Summary

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

The Receivables Summary displays all receivable invoices that you have the right to view. You can use it to view and manage unpaid invoices with status Actual, Pending, or Posted, divided into user-specified age periods.

Do one of the following:

  • On the main menu 

    , under Financials, click Receivables.

  • In Financials quick links, click

  • By default, the following filters are applied, but you can change them:

    • Source is not in the list MACRVBNKVCABVCSTXJOUFFAJDCAB

    • Accounting Date is on or after 90 days in the past

  • To create a new receivable invoice, click 


  • The Action column contains links for the following actions. To open the document, click the link.

    • Summary: View a summary message that displays both the number of days overdue and whether a collection letter is needed.

    • Remind: Send a collection letter to those with an outstanding balance. The system does not currently support automatically sending reminders. 

    • Details (when configuration flag Enable Receivable Status is enabled): Open the Receivable Details form.

    • Notes (when configuration flag Enable Invoice Notes is enabled): Log Invoice Actions.

  • The Aging Group column takes information from the Invoice Due Date column. The system requires both of these columns to be selected in the Receivables Summary list in order for the Aging Group column to display the expected results.

Invoice Details

To view the details of an invoice, on the Receivables Summary list:

  • For the printable invoice, click its row.

  • For the Financials invoice (Transaction Data Entry), click View.

  • For the Operations invoice, in the Type column, click its link.

Related Configuration Flags



Aging Bucket0 through Aging Bucket3
CFGActAgingBucket0 through CFGActAgingBucket3

Sets the size of the periods for the Accounts Payables/Receivable report by Aging Analysis; an Invoice Age (Group) column can then be selected on the Receivables Summary. The default is 0, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, and 91+ days.

Enable Invoice Notes

Adds an Invoice Action log to record follow-up activities for each invoice, where you can record past or future actions relating to the payment collection process. Also adds a Notes link to the Action column of the Receivables and Payables Summaries.

Pay Rec Summary Obey Amount Sign

Adds an Invoice AP/AR column to the Receivables and Payables Summaries.

Invoice Approvals by Type

Specifies whether the control of invoice approval by type is enabled or not; adds an Invoice Approval Types control list to the Object Rights tab in Security, to grant users rights to approve specific types of invoices. On the Approve Invoices List and Transaction Summary, if a user does not have approval rights for an invoice type, the Review link will not be available for those invoices.

Invoice Postings by Type

Specifies whether the control of invoice posting by type is enabled or not; adds an Invoice Posting Types control list to the Object Rights tab in Security, to grant users rights to post specific types of invoices. On the Post Invoices List and Transaction Summary, if a user does not have posting rights for an invoice type, the Post link will not be available for those invoices.

Invoice Rejects by Type

Add Security Object Rights to reject specific invoice types per user/group.

Invoice Reversals by Type

Specifies whether the control of invoice reversal by type is enabled or not. When enabled, on the Object Rights tab in Security, an Invoice Reversal Types control list is added to grant users rights to reverse specific types of invoices.

Enable Receivable Status

Enables Legal Specialist (as defined on the Receivable Details form) and Receivable Status tracking in the Receivables Summary.

Enable Invoice Accrual Percentage

When enabled, an Accrual % field appears and can be used to anticipate bad debt on the following receivable invoices: Freight InvoiceClaim InvoiceTime Charter BillingVoyage Other Revenue, and Voyage Expenses Rebill.

  • Accrual % defaults to blank. Blank is interpreted as 100%. You can manually set Accrual % to any value greater than 0.

  • An Update button appears so that you can modify Accrual % on invoices that are posted; prior to posting, you can save the invoice to update its Accrual %.

  • The Accrual % value has no effect on posting; the full invoice amount is always posted.

On the Voyage P&L:

  • Invoices with Accrual % values of 100% or blank are handled normally.

  • Amounts for invoices with Accrual % values other than 100% are split between three lines:

    • The top summary line shows the accrual amount = (original invoice amount × accrual %).

    • If you expand the summary line, the next line shows the original invoice amount.

    • The line below shows Provision for Bad Debt = (original invoice amount − accrual amount).

On Monthly Accruals, for invoices with Accrual % less than or greater than 100, the amount accrued = original invoice amount less provision for bad debt.

Auto Adjust Accrual Percentage

Applies only when CFGEnableInvoiceAccrualPercentage is enabled; as invoice payments are received, the invoice Accrual % is automatically evaluated and increased when necessary to ensure that the sum of payments is not greater than the accrual amount.

No Comments on Invoice Approval

When enabled, there will be no option to add comments when approving an invoice. This does not apply to rejecting an invoice.

Lock Financial Invoice After Approval

When enabled, no further changes can be made to the Financials invoice (Transaction Data Entry form) after the invoice has been approved. The invoice can still go through a subsequent approval process, or be rejected, but no data can be changed.

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