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IMOS - Claim Invoice

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

To create a Claim Invoice, on either the Claim tab or the Invoices tab of a Claim, click


Related Configuration Flags

When enabled, the Comm issionable setting of an Operations Ledger Code alone determines whether claim and freight adjustment line items are commissionable. When enabled, the commissionable setting cannot be overridden in invoices or per broker.


When enabled, an Accrual % field appears and can be used to anticipate bad debt on the following receivable invoices: Freight Invoice, Claim Invoice, Time Charter Billing, Voyage Other Revenue, and Voyage Expenses Rebill.

  • Accrual % defaults to blank. Blank is interpreted as 100%. You can manually set Accrual % to any value greater than 0.
  • An Update button appears so that you can modify Accrual % on invoices that are posted; prior to posting, you can save the invoice to update its Accrual %.
  • The Accrual % value has no affect on posting; the full invoice amount is always posted.

On the Voyage P&L:

  • Invoices with Accrual % values of 100% or blank are handled normally.

  • Amounts for invoices with Accrual % values other than 100% are split between three lines:

    • The top summary line shows the accrual amount = (original invoice amount × accrual %).

    • If you expand the summary line, the next line shows the original invoice amount.

    • The line below shows Provision for Bad Debt = (original invoice amount − accrual amount).

On Monthly Accruals, for invoices with Accrual % less than or greater than 100, the amount accrued = original invoice amount less provision for bad debt.


Applies only when CFGEnableInvoiceAccrualPercentage is enabled; as invoice payments are received, the invoice Accrual % is automatically evaluated and increased when necessary to ensure that the sum of payments is not greater than the accrual amount.


Note: CFGEnableTaxGroup must also be enabled.

When enabled, you can access the Transaction Data Entry form by clicking 

 on the toolbar of receivable Claim, receivable demurrage/despatch, Time Charter Bill, Voyage Other Revenues and Expenses (Types Revenue and Rebillable Expense), Other Revenues And Expenses By Daily Rate (Type Revenue), and Freight Invoice forms, which can be useful for entering multicurrency tax information.

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