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IMOS - Voyage Expenses Rebill Management

The Voyage Expenses Rebill Management screen allows users to view, manage and generate rebills for transactions from Port Expenses and Other Revenues and Expenses (note not all rebill types are compatible with Voyage Expenses Rebill Management) in a centralized area on any given voyage.

  1. In the Voyage Manager, depending on the type of voyage, click either 
     and then click Expenses Rebill Management.

    The Voyage Expenses Rebill Management form lists rebillable port, miscellaneous, or other expenses. Lines are color-coded.
    • Yellow = A rebill was created.
    • Green = The invoice was posted.
    • When NvRb is selected, the checkbox under the Use column will be disabled and you will not be able to select the row to make a rebill. It also changes the status to "Do Not Rebill".
      Note: NvRb checkbox cannot be checked if the line item’s status is “Non-Rebillable” or the type is of a “recoverable” type.

  2. Do any of the following:
    • To see only invoices using particular Ledger Code(s), use the Ledgers filter.
    • To open a Rebill Invoice, right-click a line item and then click either View Rebill Invoice or View Original Invoice.
    • To create a new Rebill:
      1. Select the Use check box for each expense you want to include.
      2. If the amount is less than the total, enter the Amount to Bill.
      3. Click 
      4. On the Voyage Expenses Rebill form, complete the appropriate fields. You can use this form to combine multiple rebill expenses into one receivable with one customer.
        • When an invoice/claim is rebilled, the Create Rebill Claim check box can be used to create an AR claim for each rebill invoice. This Rebill Claim has source code CREB, has bill code RCEXP, and is available on the Claim List. The Create Rebill Claim check box cannot be modified after the Voyage Expenses Rebill form is saved and closed.
      5. To save the information, click 
      6. To create a Rebill Invoice, click 

Provisional invoicing for a Rebill Invoice

You can set up provisional invoicing for a Rebill Invoice to record expected expenses earlier, track them in the P&L, and then draw down from those when the actual invoices come in. For more information, visit the Provisional Invoicing article.

Related Configuration Flags

Include Pending invoices on this form.


Have the Create Rebill Claim check box selected by default.


When enabled, an Accrual % field appears and can be used to anticipate bad debt on the following receivable invoices: Freight Invoice, Claim Invoice, Time Charter Billing, Voyage Other Revenue, and Voyage Expenses Rebill.

  • Accrual % defaults to blank. Blank is interpreted as 100%. You can manually set Accrual % to any value greater than 0.
  • An Update button appears so that you can modify Accrual % on invoices that are posted; prior to posting, you can save the invoice to update its Accrual %.
  • The Accrual % value has no affect on posting; the full invoice amount is always posted.

On the Voyage P&L:

  • Invoices with Accrual % values of 100% or blank are handled normally.

  • Amounts for invoices with Accrual % values other than 100% are split between three lines:

    • The top summary line shows the accrual amount = (original invoice amount × accrual %).

    • If you expand the summary line, the next line shows the original invoice amount.

    • The line below shows Provision for Bad Debt = (original invoice amount − accrual amount).

On Monthly Accruals, for invoices with Accrual % less than or greater than 100, the amount accrued = original invoice amount less provision for bad debt.


Applies only when CFGEnableInvoiceAccrualPercentage is enabled; as invoice payments are received, the invoice Accrual % is automatically evaluated and increased when necessary to ensure that the sum of payments is not greater than the accrual amount.

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