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IMOS - World Scale Rates

The Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management.

The ability to store, update, and display default World Scale (WSC) Rates for particular Routes depends on these Chartering Module Rights:

  • Save new Worldscale Route
  • Update Existing Worldscale Flat Rate

If the properties of a Cargo Itinerary are updated in an Estimate, Voyage Fixture, or Voyage, an attempt will be made to fetch an existing World Scale Route for the new Cargo Itinerary. Matches are made based on the first five L/D ports, the World Scale Year, the Freight Type (W), and the first transit port with Cargo onboard.

  • If the WSC Flat Rate differs from the World Scale Route saved to the database, a warning indicates that the WSC Flat Rate in use differs from the stored Flat Rate.
  • If the Route in use does not yet exist in the database, a warning indicates that the World Scale Rate/Route has not been saved.

If you have the right to save a new World Scale route or flat rate, when you save an Estimate/Voyage Fixture/Voyage, you are asked if you want to update the existing World Scale Route. For World Scale Rates, this only occurs if the Flat Rate has changed since opening the existing Estimate/Voyage Fixture/Voyage.

When you load an unfixed Estimate, if the Flat Rate for the World Scale Route used differs from the World Scale Flat Rate used for a Cargo, the WSC Flat Rate is automatically updated, based on the Flat Rate on the current World Scale Route in the database.

When you copy an Estimate, the World Scale Year on a Cargo is updated to the current year.

From the Cargo grid in the Estimate/Voyage Fixture/Voyage, right-click a line item for an option to create a new World Scale Route (if the route does not yet exist in the database) or update the World Scale Flat Rate (if the Flat Rate differs from the route's Flat Rate in the database). These options allow you to save the World Scale parameters without saving the Estimate/Voyage Fixture/Voyage itself.

Notes for Fixed/Variable Differentials on stored Routes appear in the Spot Estimate Column view. These notes can be edited on the CP Terms Details form for the Cargo associated with the route, using the Remarks toolbar button.

Related Configuration Flags
Enable Worldscale Differentials

Automatically calculates World Scale Differentials for Rotterdam, Panama Canal, and Suez Canal in the Estimate/Fixture Note/Voyage.

Enable Worldscale Classic

When enabled, only the first load and first discharge ports are used to define a unique World Scale route for price caching.

Update Ws Rates Outside Voyage Estimate

When enabled, changes to the Itinerary of a World Scale Cargo will update the WS Flat rate for the Cargo from any saved route matching the new Itinerary, and the user will be prompted to save any new or updated WS Routes when saving the Fixture or Voyage.

When disabled, the WS Flat rate for the Cargo will only change if the user explicitly sets this value, and the user will not be prompted to save any new or updated WS Routes.

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