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Walkthrough: Scheduling a Voyage

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Create an Estimate > Create a Voyage > Hand Off to Operations

With the Estimates workspace, you can create and try out potential voyage scenarios to find your most profitable option. You can include information about voyage income and expenses, bunkers, and cargo.

To access Estimates, do one of the following:

  • On the main menu, under Chartering, click Estimates.

Estimate Views

The Estimates workspace has the following views:

  • Use Column view (default; in a Worksheet) when you want a quick snapshot, and if you have a simple voyage with one load port, one discharge port, and one cargo. You can also use this view to compare Estimates.

  • Use Details view when you want to enter additional information, and if you have a more complicated voyage with multiple load ports, discharge ports, and/or cargoes.

  • Use the Map of your Estimate to view and adjust the Itinerary.

Creating an Estimate

To create a new Estimate, do one of the following:

  • On a Worksheet, click +. 

  • On an Estimate column ... menu, click New EstimateNew TCO Estimate, or New Consecutive Estimate.

  • On an Estimate details toolbar, click +.

  • To copy the details of a voyage to an Estimate for creating a similar voyage or to evaluate operational what-if scenarios, on the Voyage Manager, click the copy icon, and then click Copy to Estimate.

A new Estimate appears on the current Worksheet with your next consecutive Estimate ID, which you can change. If a .TDEFAULT Voyage Estimate has been created, its values populate the Estimate.

Copying an Estimate

To copy an existing Estimate, on its column ... or details Menu, click Copy Estimate.

Editing an Estimate

You can find an Estimate, copy it, and make adjustments to the copy, such as trying a different vessel, route, or charterer, while comparing the Daily Profit and the TCE to determine the most profitable voyage.

  • In each Estimate, you must enter at least the Vessel name to save.

  • Rename an Estimate: Click its ESTIMATE ID field and type a new name. 

    • Once an Estimate has been fixed, the Estimate ID cannot be changed. The "Copy Estimate" function allows you to rename an exact copy. 

  • See or edit Vessel information: Click its VESSEL NAME link.

  • See or edit Cargo information: Click its CARGO NAME link.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Lat Lon Override

Allows manual overrides for At-Sea Port Latitude and Longitude values in the Voyage Estimate and Voyage Manager, to more accurately reflect waiting points or itinerary deviations.

Counterparty Label

If this flag has a value, references to Charterer in the Estimate, Voyage Fixture, and Voyage Manager are now replaced with the value of this flag, for example, Buyer.

Enable in Progress Estimating

When enabled, estimates can be created from an in-progress, ballast voyage. When fixing and scheduling, the in-progress estimate will be merged back into the original voyage.

Enable Voyage Estimate Market Pricing


Note: Requires the Trading & Risk module or Market Data license and schema version 292.

When enabled, Market Data in the form of Trade Routes and Bunker Symbols can be added to an Estimate, which will pull in the latest prices into the corresponding fields. These values can be updated at any time by refreshing the market data in the estimate.

Voyage ID by User Prefix

Enabled, this setting assigns automatically a sequential Estimate ID number for each user prefix.

Manually Lock Estimates

When enabled, users with the Lock An Estimate or Unlock An Estimate Module Rights can manually lock or unlock estimates. Locked estimates cannot be edited.

In the Report Designer, the locking status of an estimate can be reported on using the Voyage Estimate > Is Locked field.

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