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From the Feature Board: You can now reorder estimates in the worksheet by dragging and dropping them.

A Worksheet has one or more Estimates in columns. You can add Estimates, evaluate options, select an intended Estimate, and save to show the rationale behind your decisions.

  • Double arrows enable you to expand (>>) or collapse (<<) sections of the Worksheet.

    • The Worksheets list is collapsed into a card panel by default. Expanding the list navigates away from the current Worksheet.

    • You can collapse or expand Estimate columns on the current Worksheet. Collapsed columns are remembered per Worksheet.

  • As with any other details view, you can navigate to a different record by clicking its card or return to the list by clicking its Name.

  • To view Estimates on a map, where you can adjust itineraries, click:

  • To return to the Worksheet, click:

  • Use tools on the Estimate column toolbar to create, save, copy, or delete records.

  • To access Estimate details, click its ESTIMATE ID link.


The following buttons appear on the Worksheet toolbar:

  • Save All: Save all Estimates in the Worksheet. If you save an Untitled Worksheet, its name changes to quicksave; rename the Worksheet for future reference.

  • Rename: Rename the Worksheet and then click Save All to save your changes.
    Note: If the Worksheets list still shows the old Worksheet name, refresh your browser.

  • Copy: Create a copy of the Worksheet and its Estimates.

  • Delete: Delete the Worksheet.

  • New: Create a new Worksheet.

Adding Estimates to a Worksheet

To add columns to a Worksheet, you can create Estimates, copy them, or search for them on the Find Estimate panel.

Worksheets List

The Worksheets list contains all Worksheets that you have the right to view (you were the last user to save them).

To access the list, on a Worksheet, click the Worksheets heading.

  • As with any other list, you can search, select, adjust, pin, filter, group, and sort columns, reset to the default view, save user views, and export.

  • To view a Worksheet, click its row, or click << to return to the current Worksheet.

Related Configuration Flags



Enable Voyage Estimate TCE APS

Adds an APS TCE (Arrival at Pilot Station TCE) field to the P&L Summary for OVOV and TCOV voyage types.

APS TCE uses the same calculation as the TCE field, but with the following ballast costs removed:

  • All bunker expenses incurred before arrival at the first Load Port

  • All port expenses and tolls at any port prior to the first Load Port, including Other Revenues and Expenses that are linked to those ports

To use APS TCE, CFGEnableVoyestTceDeviation must be disabled.

Recalc Distances on Estimate Copy

When copying an Estimate, if the Distances information in the Estimate does not match the current Distance calculation, then this information, along with low sulfur distances and Fuel Zone information (if enabled), will be updated in the Estimate copy.

Enable Vessel Import from Estimate

Note: Additional licensing is required for Vessel Data Integration.

When enabled, if a user searches for a Vessel in an Estimate that does not already exist in the database, instead of asking the user to create a new Vessel, they will have the option to import from configured external vessel data sources.

Use Voyage Estimate Voyage Deviation

Adds a Deviation button to the Voyage Manager toolbar to launch a Deviation Estimate.

Default TCI on Estimate Vessel Select

When enabled, a TC In or Head Fixture will be automatically assigned when selecting a vessel in the Estimate. When disabled, users will have to manually select a TC In/Head Fixture in the Estimate.

Show Cargo Per Unit Cost

Adds a Per Unit Cost field to the Estimate P&L. This value is also seen on the Voyage Profit & Loss Report (accessible from the Voyage Manager) where Per Unit Cost = total cost of expenses by quantity of cargo loaded.

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