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IMOS - Find Estimates

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The Find Estimates panel enables you to add existing Estimates to a Worksheet.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On a Worksheet, click 
       on the right.
    • On the Estimate column ... or details Menu ▼ menu, click Open Estimate or Open Multiple Estimates.
    • On the Estimate details toolbar, click
  2. Complete any fields and then click Find Estimates.

    • By default, the User field is set to the logged-in user's initials to only show Estimates created by you. Clear the User field to retrieve Estimates created by all users, or enter another user's initials to find Estimates created by that user.
  3. On the Voyage Estimate List, select one or more check boxes for Estimates you want to add to a Worksheet.
  4. At the top of the list, click either Add to Worksheet (to add to the current Worksheet) or Create New Worksheet.

To close the Find Estimates panel, on the right, click 


Related Configuration Flags
Enable Vessel Valuation

Note: Requires the Trading & Risk module.

When enabled, the Vessel Valuation feature is available in the Chartering and Trading modules.

Adds a Matrix filter to the Find Estimates panel.

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