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IMOS - Create Bunker Invoices

Note: You must have the Create Bunker Invoices Module Right selected, under Transactions in Financials.

The Create Bunker Invoices list displays all full and partial Bunker Invoices that were generated but not created in Operations.

On the Financials menu

, under Invoices, click Create Bunker Invoices.

Creating Invoices

  1. Identify the invoices you want to create.
    • To view invoices from a particular date through today, filter by Dates From.
  2. To create an invoice, in the Action column, click its Create link.
  3. Enter at least the Vessel Name; Counterparty, Vendor, or Company; and Invoice Date.

Additional Information

  • To issue an invoice with the bank details of a certain company, specify that company in the Via Company field. The bank selection will be limited to that company.
  • If the invoice is not ready for approval, change its status to Pending before saving, so you can continue to edit it.
    • If the status is Actual, a saved invoice can be approved; if your system is not configured to use the approval process, the invoice can be posted.
    • If the status is Pending, a saved invoice can still be edited and submitted for approval later.
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