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Expenses are incurred during a voyage that needs to be allocated on a period basis. With Voyage Period Journals (VPJs), you can create Voyage Journal Entries for Vessel Daily Cost (Hire), Voyage Bunker Cost, Bareboat Daily Cost, TC In/TC Out Bunker Adjustments, and Victualling in a centralized way. You can create these Journals according to the Voyage Completion Date, or cumulatively according to a specific date.

With the Modify P&L Calculation Options Module Right selected under Financials Actions in Security, you can select or clear the P&L Calculation Options in the top right corner of this form. Without it, you can only use this form with the P&L Options as set by the configuration flags beginning with CFGDefaultPnlCalc.

Creating Voyage Period Journals

Typically, VPJs are run when a voyage is completed or at the end of the accounting period. For voyages that are in progress when the journals are run, journals will be overwritten the next time the journals are run.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Financials secondary menu (), under Period Closing, click Voyage Period Journals. A blank form appears.

    • On the Voyage P&L, click Voyage Period Journals. The form appears with information filled in for the vessel and voyage.

  2. Select the calculation Basis:

    • Recalculation

    • Daily Snapshot: Specify the snapshot Type and, for noncurrent snapshots, specify the Date. For journals created using this method, the Invoice Date and Accounting Date are the same as the Date on this form.

      • Snapshots appear in the Snapshot and Period Comparison selection lists on the Voyage P&L.

      • To accurately account for these items based on your company's policies, the following Calculation Options can be used with accruals-based snapshots created with IMOS v7.10 or later: Apply Additional Hire to Period, Apply TC Bunker Adjustment to Period, Apply TC Expenses to Period, Apply Other Revenues/Expenses to Period, Apply Port Expenses to Period.

  3. Using the filters, you can create a list of journals that spans across multiple vessels/voyages. You can use multiple filters at the same time.

    • To hide all the posted retrieved records and recalculate the result, select the Hide Posted check box.

    • Filtering by Voyage Completion or by Date:

      • To filter by Voyage Completion, next to Period Through, select the Voyage Completion radio button.

      • To filter by Date, under Period Through, select the Date radio button. Select a date. All Journal Types across all vessels appear until that date.

    • Filtering by Vessel Type:

      • Select a Vessel Type, such as Handymax, to further narrow the results. 

  4. To apply P&L calculation options, select the appropriate check boxes.

  5. Click 


  6. Each vessel/voyage can have multiple line items with different Journal Types. 

    • To sort the columns, click the column headings.

    • On each line item menu, you can:

      • Click Voyage Details to open the voyage in the Voyage Manager.

      • Click Preview Journal to open the Bill Viewer form. The Bill Viewer includes the details of the Journal.

      • Click Delete to delete all non-posted journal entries of a particular type that are linked to the voyage.

  7. To select the records you want to post, select their checkboxes in the S column at the right, or select the Select All checkbox.

  8. On the toolbar, click Create Period Journals. A message tells you that the journals have been generated and are ready to post.

  9. To see a report with the details of all the Journal Entries to be generated in the calculation, on the toolbar, click Report.

Posting Voyage Period Journals

The Ready to Post Journals appear on the voyage Invoices panelPost Invoices list, and the Transaction Summary list with Counterparty name XJOURNAL.

To post the journals, see Post Invoices.

Some period costs, like TC Hire and Bunker expenses, although incurred during one voyage, might not be totally consumed in that voyage. Such costs are allocated among voyages by using VPJs to match actual expenses and posted invoices from a financial perspective. For bunkers, this allocation is based on the quantity of bunkers consumed. For hire, this allocation is based on the number of days within a voyage.

This means that in the PnL Posted column, the above costs will only populate after their respective periods or the whole voyages period VPJ has been generated and posted. These items will not appear in the posted column simply when the invoices have been posted.

Deleting Voyage Period Journals

If no later VPJs are posted yet, to delete rejected VPJs, recalculate VPJs, right-click their line, and then click Delete.

Related Configuration Flags



Aggregate Itemized Bunker Journal

Requires CFGItemizeBunkerJournal to be enabled. When both configuration flags are enabled, running Voyage Period Journals after new off-hire bunkers are added or bunker consumption changes aggregates the reversal and the additional line items while still preserving the itemization by bunker type.

Itemize Bunker Journal

Instead of being aggregated per fuel type, VPJs for Bunker Cost are itemized according to the consumed FIFO queue, each item with the correct quantity and rate. If the journal is generated for a portion of the voyage, the percentage is applied to each item's quantity.

Default Period Journals Accounting Date to Invoice Date

Defaults the Accounting Date of all Period Journals to the invoice date.

Set Broker Name on Period Journal

Sets the Vendor/Counterparty as the Broker for hire commission rows. Account information specific to the Broker is used for these rows when set up in Business Rules. This only applies when there is only one Broker set up to be paid directly in the Time Charter contract.

Accrual Time Zone

Sets the time zone offset to use when calculating accruals and bunker period journals. The default is 0 (GMT).

Allocate Bunkers to Voyage

When enabled, post voyage bunker cost as the difference of bunkers used - bunker inv - accrue. See Allocating Period Cost to Voyages.

Allocate TC In Hire to Voyage

When enabled, voyage number is a required field for all hire-related lines in TC In; block incremental payment completely. See Allocating Period Cost to Voyages.

Enable Vessel Cost Breakdown on Voyage Journal

Monthly Accruals and VPJs will calculate the vessel cost for OVxx voyages without Head Fixture using the breakdown from Vessel form when it's defined.

Post Off Hire

When enabled, posts Off Hire and Off Hire bunker costs to journals when posting vessel cost or posting bunker cost (respectively) from the Voyage Manager.

Bunker Cost Journal Approval Needed

Specify how many approvals are needed for journals before posting.

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