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Complete Company Information for your company as well as any subcompanies you have. You can set up your vessels as subcompanies to have remittances for invoices go directly to the subcompany of the vessel. You can then also have a P&L on a vessel basis instead of on the voyage or company level. Additionally, in Security Object Rights, you can select which subcompanies or vessels the users can access.

When running Financials reports, if there is no Company Information record that matches the value of the configuration flag CFGCompanyCode, the Major Company will default to blank in the reports.

Creating a Company Information Record

Before you can set up your Company Information, you have to set up an Address Book entry of Type W for each parent company.

On the Financials menu

, under Setup, click Company Information.

When you open Company Information, it is blank, even if you have already set up your company.

Finding a Company's Information

To find a company's information, put your pointer in the Company Name field and press Enter. Select the company and click OK. Subcompanies and vessels appear in the Summary tree on the right.

Creating a Subcompany or a Vessel

  1. For each subcompany or vessel of the company, either:

    • Click add new row at the bottom.

    • To insert a new row above an existing one, right-click a row and then click Insert.

  2. Select either Vessel or Company.

  3. Enter a CodeSubcompany Name, and any Remarks for the subcompany or vessel. The Code appears in the Summary tree on the right; you can click it to open the Vessel or subcompany Address form.

Summary Tree

The Summary Tree, at the right, summarizes and provides access to important forms and related information.

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