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IMOS - Final Freight Statement

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The Final Freight Statement/Demurrage Statement is a summary of freight- and demurrage-related invoices for a counterparty. You can create a Final Freight Statement/Demurrage Statement by retrieving invoices from one or more voyages and creating a report.

To create a Final Freight Statement:

  1. On the Operations menu
    , under Freight/Demurrage, click Final Freight Statement.
  2. If this invoice is for relet, select the For Relet check box.
  3. To select each record, select a Vessel NameVoyage Number, and Counterparty.
  4. Click
    . The information appears in the table below, with all items selected to appear on the invoice. Selected Total amounts appear at the bottom of the statement.
  5. If you do not want an item to appear on the invoice, clear its S check box. The Selected Total amounts are recalculated.
  6. To create the Final Freight Invoice, click
    • With multiple different currencies:
      • If freight is invoiced in base currency and another invoice is included that is not in base currency, all nonbase currency items are converted to base currency.
      • If freight is invoiced in a nonbase currency, and another invoice is included that is in a different nonbase currency, all nonbase currency items are converted to base currency.
      • If all items included are in the same nonbase currency, the statement is printed in that currency.

Related Configuration Flags
Disable Itemized Demurrage on Final Statement

Aggregate all related Demurrage items in a Final Freight Statement; the commissions are still detailed.

Consolidate Freight Commissions

Show the commissions on the freight invoice and final freight invoice on one line.

Use Customized Final Invoice
When enabled, each row on the Final Freight Invoice report will correspond to an invoice instead of a details line.

Remove Incremental Reversed Lines In Final Freight

When enabled, the redundant lines that are generated from the reversals in an incremental freight invoice will no longer be displayed in the Final Freight Statement.
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