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IMOS - Company Cashflow Statement

The Company Cashflow Statement Report is a built-in Financials report

Similar to the Cashflow Reports, this report includes a detailed statement for the selected account, company, and date range, selected from the Bank Links form in the Financials module. The results include payment date, mode, payee/payer, invoice amount, and actual debit/credit amount. It also includes the total of debits/credits and the resulting net cash flow for the selected period. Make sure you have correctly configured the Bank Ledger Code and Bank Links before attempting to use this report.

Report Options

Field NameMandatory / OptionalDescriptionUse When?
Date From and Date ToMandatoryThe date range, on which you want to report; it will pull in cash transactions based on their payment/receipt date.Always
Major CompanyMandatoryA W-type company from the Address Book; this field determines which transactions are included in the report.Always
Bank CodeMandatoryThe Ledger Code for the bank, against which you want to report.Always
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