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IMOS - Bulk Updating Cargoes

Note: You must have the Bulk Update Cargo Contracts Module Right selected, under Actions in Chartering, and configuration flag CFGEnableCargoBooking must be set to N.

After Cargoes are created, you can update many of their fields in bulk.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Cargo List or VC In List, select check boxes for the contracts you want to update and then click the Bulk Update action link at the top of the list.
    • On the Cargo COA or VC In COA Linked Liftings tab, click

  2. The Bulk Cargo Update form appears. Update any of the available fields, including adding Unpriced Elements.
  3. Click
    . You are given an option to open the Bulk Cargo Update Report.

If the contract is mirrored, any updates to the contract will also update the mirrored contract(s).

Related Configuration Flags
Default Cargo Status  CFGDefaultCargoStatus

Sets the default status of the linked liftings. If set to 1 when the user does not have rights to edit confirmed cargoes, the Status on the Create Cargo/VC In Setup form is set to Inquiry.

Confirm Linked Liftings Via COA  CFGConfirmLinkedLiftingsViaCOA

Updates the status of the linked liftings from their current state (for example, Default) to Confirmed once the status of the parent COA is changed from Pending to Confirmed.

New Firm Lifting on Exercise  CFGNewFirmLiftingOnExercise

Setting a Cargo Option Status to Exercised will automatically create a new Cargo (a copy of the Option Cargo), with the Option check box cleared and the status of the system default, set by config flag CFGDefaultCargoStatus. Saving this Cargo will decrease the number of optional liftings in the COA by one and increase the number of firm liftings by one.

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