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IMOS - Claims Lists Settings

Time Bar Days and Target Days are used to determine the Time Bar Date and Target Date in Laytime Calculations and Demurrage Time Bar Tasks.

To access Claim Lists Settings, you must have the Claims Lists Settings Module Right selected, under Setup in Operations.

To set the default number of days, on the Operations menu 

, under Setup, click Claim Lists Settings.

The following values appear on the Claim tab of the Laytime Calculation, but you can change them:

  • Default Time Bar Days: Used to calculate the Time Bar Date, the date by which the Demurrage Claim must be made.
    Time Bar Date = Demurrage-Triggering Activity Date (such as PE or HF port activity at a specific port) + Time Bar Days
    Time Bar Days are determined based on the following sequence of forms:
    1. CP Terms Details form for the Cargo: Dem TB
    2. If not specified, Cargo form, Pricing tab: Time Bar Days
    3. If not specified, Cargo COA form: Time Bar Days
    4. If not specified or COA does not exist, Charterer company Address Book entry: Dem TB Days
    5. If not specified, Default TB Days on this form
    6. If not specified, 90 days
    Note: Demurrage Time Bar Days can also be set for a counterparty on the Address form, in the Dem TB Days field.
  • Default Target Days: Used to calculate the Target Date, the date by which you would like to have the Demurrage Claim completed.
    Target Date = Time Bar Date  Target Days
    Target Days are determined based on the following sequence of forms:
    1. If Trade Area is set for the voyage, Trade Areas form: Dem Target Days
    2. If not specified, Default Target Days on this form
    3. If not specified, 45 days

When Demurrage Time Bar Tasks are enabled, two additional fields appear:

  • Default Warning Days: Number of days before the Time Bar Date, when tasks appear yellow.
  • Default Alert Days: Number of days before the Time Bar Date, when tasks appear red.

Related Configuration Flags

Demurrage Time Bar Tasks are not generated for internal counterparties. Internal counterparties have the Internal check box selected on Address records.

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